Saturday, September 26, 2015

6 Months as Mav's Mommy | A Quarterly Update

Where has the time gone? People tell you that it will fly by but boy oh boy it still throws me for a loop. I just held my best friend’s newborn the other day and realized how big Mav really is. He’s such a big boy now. He’s not a snuggly little lump anymore. He’s so curious about the world. Always looking around and trying to figure things out. 

It’s wonderfully sad. Wonderful because he is growing and thriving but sad because I want him to stay my little baby. He’s already so squirmy. Those rare moments where he lets me cuddle him and hold him like a baby are so precious. I still rock him to sleep whenever I can because it’s a magical time. I’m his comfort. I gaze, in awe, at his beautiful little boy face and thank God for allowing me to be his mother. 

At Mav’s 4-month mark, he measured 26.25 inches (90th percentile) and weighed 15 lbs. 2 oz. (55th percentile). We had a relatively quiet month adjusting to my return to work. 

  • Drools a lot. Daddy jokes that he has rabies. Mav started wearing bandana bibs to catch all the excess liquid that soaks his clothes. 
  • Started laughing. The best, most beautiful sound in the world. I find myself working hard to find ways to make him laugh. 
  • Discovered his feet 
  • Loves to kick in the bath 
  • Grasps toys and puts them in his mouth 
  • Transitioned from co-sleeper to crib in his own room 
  • Likes to hold his bottle while he eats 
  • Sleeps 8-9 hours in his sleep suit 
  • First Party | Daryn’s Graduation 
  • First babysitter (non-family) 
  • Passed his Non-Sedation ABR hearing test with flying colors! He can hear a pin drop. 

Since Mav usually has so many doctors’ appointments, I usually have his weight and height from a visit near his monthly milestones. But this month, I’m going to have to guesstimate. Based on his measurements on 9/9 (13 days after his 5-month mark), I’m going to guess that he weighed about 17 lbs. (67th percentile) and he would have measured about 27 inches

  • Tries to put his big toe in his mouth, which is tough with his big belly gets in the way.
  • Discovered his vocal chords. He screams for joy and screeches until he coughs. It pretty hilarious to hear! 
  • Size 3 diapers 
  • 9 to 12 month clothes 
  • Two bottom teeth. Those suckers are fully visible and they're sharp little things. 
  • Started on baby oatmeal 
  • Sitting up almost completely unassisted 

Mav is wearing 12-month clothes. 12 months! I can’t believe it. My husband jokes that he’s going to be too heavy for me to carry before he can walk on his own. Maverick still loves to eat and is chunking up nicely. I’m still exclusively pumping. But we’ve almost gone through my entire stockpile of frozen milk so I’ll have to start supplementing with formula soon. Mav weighs a whopping 18 lbs. according to our home scale this morning! 

  • Loves his dog! Kicks his legs, flaps his arms and wiggles all around when he hears the pup coming down the hallway.
  • Explores mommy and daddy’s faces with his hands when he’s being held and likes to pull mommy’s hair 
  • Graduated from his infant seat to his convertible car seat (which he doesn’t like) and sits facing out in his stroller so he can see the world 
  • Smiles and kicks when we sing his favorite songs | “You are My Sunshine”, “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and “Build Me Up Buttercup” 
  • Has tried squash, sweet potato, oatmeal and banana but still loves his milk the best 
  • Sits up completely on his own and can stand up if holding onto something 
  • Learned how to splash in the bath and loves his bath toys 
  • Still hates tummy time and has a sizable bald spot in the back of his head as a result of all the time he’s spends on his back 
  • Hasn’t transitioned out of his sleep suit since he doesn’t roll over yet 
  • Doesn’t like having his diaper changed. He gets bored so he kicks and fusses. 
  • First kid’s birthday party | Lucy 
  • Pediatric ophthalmology appointment | Passed vision test 
  • First trip to the library | Mother Goose on the Loose 
  • First trip to Apple Hill

Happy half year birthday, my sweet little boy! 
The last 6 months have been the best days of my life. We are so lucky to be your parents.


jAllen said...

so good to hear from you! I can't beleive how much he grows just month to month! You must be so proud and you're doing such a great job with him! He's thriving and beyond!

Northern Star said...

Cutie! That smile!

JoJo said...

He is simply the cutest! They do grow up so fast but its amazing how much they learn everyday.

Finley said...

aww he's such a precious little thing and how true is it to cherish every moment! My nephew just joined instagram - he's 11 - it gave me the shock of my life and made me feel the same. Slow down time this is just weird and strange haha!!!

Caroline @ In Due Time said...

The cuteness is just TOO Much!

Amie said...

He is precious! I can't believe he is already 6 months old!

Ashley said...

He's so handsome! Good to hear an update!

Haisla said...

He is such a cutie-pie and growing like a little trooper. Go Mav!!xx

Anonymous said...

Hello there..your blog is beautiful. I just completed 2 failed attempts at IVF and 2 failed IUIs. We are contemplating using donor eggs. I just wanted to find out what it was like for you and what the process is. I'm tempted to try IVF one more time, but it is heartbreaking when it fails. I'm 40 and time is no longer on my side. I would love to hear from you..sincerely Ladonna ( is my email)

ADSchill said...

Oh my, what a deliciously adorable son you have there. He's really grown into his features! And he has the best wardrobe. And parents of course. :)

Lavonne said...

Loved scrolling through your blog and seeing your son's pictures. That hair, so sweet my heart could burst. We are pursuing donor eggs this year and it may sound silly but a head full of dark hair is the only thing I've ever envisioned for my children (hubby and I both had it when we were born). Congratulations on your beautiful little miracle! <3

Anonymous said...

I came across your blog when I was TTC and related to your journey. My fertility struggle timeline was very similar to yours with IVF procedures and finally giving birth to my baby girl in July. I think you built a strong support system and network with many women battling infertility. But I haven't seen much activity or outreach on your blog in a while. I know how busy it is to care for a baby. But I think so many women in this battle still need hope, wisdom, and encouragement from those that made it to the other side. Hoping you'll still share yours with others.

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