Tuesday, January 20, 2015

32 weeks | rock the bump giveaway

rockin the bump at 27 weeks
recent news + giveaway | guess who is a regular blog contributor at sugarbabies blog? yep, that's right. this girl. sugarbabies is mommy blog and online shop that sells the best in baby products. they also have some cute products for mom-to-be like this popular 'rock the bump' t-shirt. if you love this shirt as much as i do, click HERE to enter to win your own t-shirt. it's easy…just pin the image to your pinterest page and record the entry on the rafflecopter widget. good luck!

and for the 32 week bump update…
i can't believe that i have less than 60 days left until my due date.

bump at 32 weeks
weight | at my last doctor's appt, i was up about 21.6 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight. and i'm gaining about a half pound to a pound per week. people still say things to me like "you're all baby" or "you look like you're hiding a basketball". so i am feeling pretty good about that.

size of baby | about the size of a squash 
…16.7 inches and 3.8 pounds.

gender | a lil man.

movement | i'm an obsessive kick counter and always worry if i don't feel enough movement from him. i guess i just feel like we've come so far…to lose him now…i just can't even fathom it. so i am always on alert for any signs that he is in distress.

fun fact | baby sunshine is getting ready for his decent and probably head down now.

sleep | sleep. what's that?
i wake up at least every two hours from the pain radiating under my right rib cage. it's getting really tough to find a comfortable way to lay down.

exercise | honestly, i've been really bad about exercising. it's cold and dreary outside. the last thing i want to do is walk so i haven't been. plus, at this point…it is more of a waddle than a walk.

symptoms | my acid reflux is still in full effect. my back is still a wreck and the newest fun factor is the pain in my rib cage. ouch. baby boy is under there kicking and pushing on my bone structure. it's hard to breath and that area fluctuates between searing pain, burning, dull pain and numbness. but no matter how bad it gets, i'm still so grateful to carry him into this world. 

cravings/aversions | chicken tacos and chocolate and peanut butter bars.
and i'm anti-chipotle. that's my main aversion.

nursery | his nursery is done. i'm so happy with how it turned out even though it is a tiny bedroom. i'll be posting a reveal very soon. 

best part of the week | taking my nightly bath and reading in the tub. it is the place where i feel the least discomfort and most peace. i love watching my belly roll with his movements while i relax.

excited for | this baby boy to arrive safely so i can love and cuddle him. it will also be nice to have a flat stomach again and give him some space to grow. if i'm this uncomfortable, he must be pretty crammed too. i have no idea how he is going to double in weight and size in the next 8 weeks.

Monday, January 12, 2015

a glimpse of baby sunshine | 3D ultrasound

instead of buying christmas gifts, 
we surprised A's parents and grandparents by taking them to the ultrasound experience to get a sneak peek at baby sunshine when we were in san diego. we thought this outing would be more meaningful than purchasing gifts. 

i've seen lots of 3D ultrasound pictures that show so much detail of the baby. baby smiling. full facial features. so that's what we were expecting. tons of cool pictures. 

but our baby boy did not want to cooperate. 
he was facing my spine and napping almost the entire time. 

for 25 minutes, the ultrasound tech prodded my belly with the wand, trying to get our boy to wake up and roll over. she poked him in the bottom. jiggled my belly. she had me get up a thousand times and switch positions. there's nothing we could do to get him to turn around. 

some of the things the ultrasound tech said:
"um, i think he's going to be a very good sleeper"
"he clearly does not want to be bothered"
"he is quite strong-willed"

finally, she gave up and offered us a refund minus a tech fee. sometimes people have to come back if their baby isn't cooperating. but since we were only in town for the weekend, she just gave us a refund and a disk with the images she was able to glean which wasn't much. 

but right at the very end of our session, our sleepy guy turned around and gave us a 3/4 shot of his face. his arm is draped over his face and his knee is up by his head. he was all curled up. but we got to see a glimpse of him. it was wonderful to see his sweet face while he slept. this boy is so precious and loved.

he's my heart. 
sneak peek of baby sunshine at 27 weeks

Thursday, January 1, 2015

the best is yet to come | a trumpette giveaway

a year ago today, 
i woke up in Denver for my final egg retrieval at CCRM. it was the last procedure of that kind that i'd ever do. and boy does it feel good to say that.

when i look back at mid-january 2014, i remember the depth of despair that i felt when all of my embryos were abnormal. it was a heartbreaking outcome after all that we'd put into it. two very pricy back-to-back IVF cycles in Denver. we had so much hope that we'd get at least one normal embryo to transfer. just one shot. and it didn't work out.

but if you would've told me, "don't you worry because next year at this time, you'll be almost 30 weeks pregnant with a precious little boy"… i would never have believed you. i wouldn't have been able to imagine how full my heart would be in just a year's time. growing this little guy has brought me more happiness and healed years of deep wounds and scars inflicted by infertility. 
all of this is to say…

don't ever give up.
the best is yet to come...
even if you can't even imagine it right now. 
may 2015 bring you all the love and happiness your heart desires.

and in celebration of the new year….
i've teamed up with trumpette to bring you another incredible giveaway. in the october giveaway, i shared some of the reasons why i love this brand. they carry fun, unique children's apparel and gifts. perfect for a hope chest (for ttc sisters) or new little miracle baby.

this time, it is a two winner giveaway. 

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you have until Thursday, January 7, 2015 at 11:59 p.m. PST to enter in this fabulous giveaway. just click into the rafflecopter widget below and follow the easy steps to rack up entries. don't forget to mention whether you prefer the girl or boy gift set in the comments. 
good luck and happy 2015!

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