Friday, October 3, 2014

fertility friday | gifts from me to you

happy friday y'all. 

hope you have some fun weekend plans. as for me, i'll be hard at work this weekend finishing a post that i've been writing for a while about how whether to disclose our egg donation to our child. i also have a bump update coming next week with a funny story to share. 

but for now…here's to sharing and connecting which is what fertility friday is all about. want to participate? just include the button below on your post and link your fertility related post on this blog every friday. 

fertility friday book giveaway
i mentioned in one of my first posts (which you can read HERE) that i love books. i totally crave the knowledge and escape that comes with sitting down and losing yourself in a good book. as such, i read a ton and my book collection can get a little out of hand. 

to make room for books on sleep training, pregnancy and parenting, i need to part with my beloved fertility books and cds. they've helped me tremendously over the years and now i hope to pass them on so that they can be of help to some of you. 

so here's what i am going to do. below i will list a 10-sec review and description of the book. if you want the book, please tell where you are in your ttc journey and which book you'd like in the comments. if multiple people select the same book, i will draw a name out a hat. next friday, i will post the names of the book recipients and mail them out to each of you. sound good? okay, here we go.

meditation cds
i have three meditation cds. one is from CCRM and probably the one i listened to most often. the other two are Anji cds - one for medicated cycles that i used during IUIs and the other is specifically for IVF.

fertility facts
my first fertility book. it provides some very basic tips and is probably best for someone who is just starting to try to conceive. 

conquering infertility
if you are looking for a book on how to deal with the emotional ups and downs of infertility, this is the book. it teaches many relaxation techniques which are necessary when on the emotional roller coaster of infertility. it also gives great advice on how to cope with difficult situations like friends pregnancies, family, and the work environment. 

it starts with the egg
i wrote a very in-depth review of this book that you can read HERE

when you're not expecting
a good overview of the difficulties dealing with infertility. it includes topics ranging from same sex issues, single parenthood and even a bit about adoption. but tries to cover too many topics and as a result many are skimmed over or not covered in-depth. 

the mind-body fertility connection
this is a good book if you suffer from unexplained infertility. it talks about how hypnotherapy works to move on from things in your past that may hinder you from conceiving. it focuses a lot on the mind body connection of becoming pregnant. it also talks about believing in yourself and trying to defy statistics. its an uplifting book and would be of interest for someone who is tired of doctors or looking for an alternative to fertility treatments.

fertility foods
this is good book which, in very simple terms, explains how this nutrition plan works. the gist is that insulin resistance--a condition that can be pre-diabetic, and a condition that can be moderated by proper diet--impedes fertility. the book describes that problem and proposes a solution.

the infertility cure
Dr. Lewis gives easy to follow steps to personal diagnosis and cure through traditional chinese medicine. she has been trained in both chinese and western medicine and she boasts a 75% success rate, much higher than we see in western fertility clinics. and having experienced infertility herself, she offers much comfort and hope to those of us who have been on the emotional roller coaster of trying and failing to get pregnant. The recommendations used in her traditional chinese treatments will also compliment western medicine for those who are not ready to give up on their fertility doctor. 

the fertility diet
this book is very informative. the authors are two Harvard practitioners and if you regularly go to the Harvard nutrition website, you'll find that the information there matches the findings of the study on which this book is based. this book was an easy read and provided important nutrition and lifestyle information for women trying to become pregnant. the information seemed well-proven and effective. i put into practice some of the ideas immediately and found them easy to follow.

blogger celebrity 
if you don't follow em at teach me to braid, you should. she's a phenomenal mother and writer. she posted a piece that is definitely worth the read and has even caught the attention of ABC. Check it out!
If My Child Marries Yours

mug exchange 
lastly, i usually do a mug swap this time of year to celebrate fall. however, chelsea at starbucks, peace and the pursuit of a baby decided to host one this year on her blog. rather than double up, i just decided to participate in her exchange. it should be a lot of fun. if you want to learn more about it, you can do so HERE


Elena Ridley said...

What a thoughtful thing for you to do! There's so much knowledge out there, I think you'd benefit from any one of these books! They all sound like fabulous! Happy Friday!

Laura @ Making Baby Provence said...

Hey, Jessah! So excited for your pregnancy. I think I told you that when you announced it, but I figured it was worth saying again. :)

I have currently had 3 failed IVF cycles. We are starting lucky number 4 in less than 3 weeks. (When 3 isn't lucky, make it 4!)

I would love to have your meditation CDs. I have tried to find meditations online that I like, and I just haven't found "the one." If I am the one that receives them, thank you so very, very much!

Also, I don't blog daily. Would it be okay to do the link-up from a blog not written on a Friday?

Thanks for all you do to support and encourage this community! *Hugs*

Patricia Castillo said...

Oh my goodness hoe to choose just one... fertility diet would probably be my first choice, when you're not expecting, fertility foods and conquering infertility. Id take any or all lol. So excited for this giveaway. Thank you! Cant wait for the next blog :)

Caroline @ In Due Time said...

Hope you have a great weekend girl! I'm looking forward to seeing your bump :)

I would love the Fertility Diet book!! I really enjoyed the Infertility Cure! I'm ALL about eating clean and following a healthy diet to get my body ready!!

Isn't it crazy about Em? She is famous!!

Jenni said...

I would LOVE the mediation CDs. We are currently saving up and deciding what to do as far as third party reproduction (donor eggs/donor embryos). We have been through 5 IVFs that resulted in 2 miscarriages. We haven't given up hope (or trying!) that God will bless us in the interim.

Lauren said...

I could definitely use something to help me relax and stress less, I'm looking into meditation and practicing more yoga.I also believe in the mind-body connection. So I'm up for either conquering infertility or the mind-body fertility connection whichever you thinks is best. Thanks for this!

Jessica W. said...

I love your book giveaway idea!! I just found your blog through Baby Ridley Bump! I love books and I am always looking for a new one to read! I would love to be added to the list for "the infertility cure" I am 35 and have been ttc for over a year. 1st IUI will be in Oct or Nov! Very stressful process and in need of some book therapy!

Kacy said...

Hey Jessah! I am interested in the Mind Body Fertility Connection and Conquering Infertility. My 1st IVF cycle just resulted in a miscarriage so we are working on paying off our cycle before we think about our next one since we didn't have any to freeze. As for now we are giving it a go naturally, but no one believes it's possible except for me.

Maritza Renee said...

Just signed up for the Mug Exchange! Very excited about this :)

Thank you for sharing!

Sara said...

Jessah- I would absolutely love a meditation CD for IVF. I have just completed my fourth IUI and it was not successful, so I Will be pursuing IVF next. You are so awesome to offer these to others!

Amanda said...

Hi Jessah

First i wanted to thank you for sharing your journey so publicly. It has been beyond amazing to read thru it all - you are so strong and brave. We are almost 2.5 years in with an unexplained diagnosis. We will be doing our first IUI in October. It is a tough journey and emotionally i get so caught up in the highs and lows of it all. The book you listed that i think i would benefit from today is: conquering infertility

Thank you for this opportunity!

kayla pfeil said...

I would like any of them that you are giving away. I am three years in to ttc and will be doing donor within the next couples of months! I can not wait to read your thoughts on telling the child about the donor.

Ashley @ Life on the Parsons Farm said...

Wow Jessah this is so kind! I would love to receive the fertility diet book! We are going on year 6 of infertility, 4 miscarriages and 1 adopted daughter. The infertility cure also sounds like a great read!

Waiting On Baby G said...

Hi Jessah!

I am so excited you have decided to share your [no longer used] books! I am currently gearing up to start my first round of IVF after a few failed Clomid attempts. I would love to get your fertility foods book! I love your blog and look forward to keeping up with your journey via the world wide web ;)

Anonymous said...

We are about to begin our first round of IVF early/mid next year and I would really appreciate the meditation CD's or the book called Conquering Infertility. You are so very kind to consider all of us still in the battle to bring home our babies. :) Hope your pregnancy is everything you ever wanted!!


JoJo said...

Oh that meditation cd sounds wonderful.

Jess said...

I would love the It Starts With The Egg. I just underwent my second FET ( we did not attempt fresh transfers due to genetic testing). The first one failed, and out of two cycles of IVF, I only had 2 embryos. If the FET doesn't work out, we will have to do another IVF round, and I am hoping for better results!! Thanks- Jess

dogmomchasingthestork said...

3 years in and we're gearing up for IVF. Our consultation with a new clinic is in 2 weeks. I'd love to have Conquering Infertility, please!

Ryanne said...

If they aren't taken I would be interested in the CDs Jessah!

Anonymous said...

First of all congrats on your pregnancy! I have followed you for awhile and it feels great to see people concur their infertility. I'm currently in my third ivf cycle. My eggs were retrieved in August but after two failed cycles we decided to do pgd testing. The good news is we ended up with two good eggs. I've just started my meds and will have the transfer in a month. I would love the meditation cd from ccrm. I think it's wonderful that you are passing on your books. Actually your the reason I found "it all starts with the egg." We followed the advice in the book and the vitamins helped regulate my pcos for the first time in my life and I'm hoping it helped with the quality of our eggs. So thank you for suggesting it!

Angela p.


Dawn said...

Hi Jessah!

I would be really interested in the Fertility Diet book. We have been on this journey for 3 years and have done 4 IUI's. Right now we are on a break due to cysts and are deciding whether or not we want to do more or if we are just going to leave it totally in God's hands and move onto adoption in January. Food is something I have a difficult time with so I think this book would be helpful. I just found your blog recently but I am loving it. Thanks for sharing and being willing to pass knowledge on! :)

Before Baby Lady said...

What an awesome idea! I would love one of the cds... im starting my first ivf cycle this week :)

Laura Hoffmeister said...

I would love the fertility diet book or a meditation cd. I am on stims for my first IVF cycle right now- retrieval this week, freeze all, transfer in November

Emily said...

Looking forward to your next bumpdate and special blog! :) xo

Jillian Collura said...

I'd love Conquering Infertility. My husband and I have been married for 6 years. We have not used contraception the entire 6 years. For the past 2 years we have been actively trying. After 1 year of actively trying, I went to the doctor. There has been nothing found wrong with me and my husband has had a normal semen analysis.

Sarah said...

this is beautiful! i wish i had some of those books around. i never read anything other than taking charge of your infertility - but these really just look SO good and educational!

Nittai L said...

Hi. I just went to start my IVF cycle today then got a call that my estrogen level is too high so I'll have to try again next month. I could really use the fertility diet book.

Beth C said...

I would love a copy of "It Starts With The Egg". We've been TTC for 3.5 years including 7 IUI's. We're currently saving up for IVF in the spring.

Richelle said...

We are in month 13 of our journey with a scheduled laparoscopy coming up. I'd love the conquering infertility book! Thanks!!! Hope I win :)

Lisamarie said...

Oh Jessah! You are such a doll to share all of your books. I would love listen to one of your meditation CDs. I'm having my first RE visit this month after over a year of TTC without success. All initial tests look good so I suppose I'm in the "unexplained" category right now. I've been interested in the circle & bloom cds but just haven't purchased them yet.

Heather said...

For some reason I thought I left a comment last Friday but I am not seeing it so I will post again :)

The husbie and I are gearing up for our first round of IVF in November! We were dealt with PCOS as well as severe male factor. I would love to use fertility foods or conquering infertility!

p.s. congrats with all my heart on your long awaited baby love and thank you for hosting this rad book giveaway

jenlee said...

Thank you for sharing all your knowledge, struggles, and successes! We are in our first year of TTC with PCOS and other negative factors. We haven't had the strength to open up to our friends and families about our struggles but we haven't given up yet either. I am interested in all your books, but more specifically Fertility Foods, The Infertility Cure, and The Fertility Diet. We have been reading as much free literature as possible while we save every extra penny for our next steps in this process. CONGRATS on your success!!

Patricia Castillo said...

I hope I win a book today :)

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