Wednesday, October 29, 2014

we've made it halfway | 20 weeks

i can't believe we are halfway to meeting baby sunshine. it's been a fairly easy pregnancy so far and i feel incredibly blessed for that. i promised myself that i wouldn't do a ton of these "bump update" posts. but i'd say i'm overdue at 20 weeks. so here it is…

weight | i'm up about 12 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight which seems like a lot but i don't feel like i've gained that much. 

size of baby | about the size of a carrot…about 10 inches tall. 

gender | so excited for this baby boy! 

movement | he's pretty active. i can feel him move a lot which i love. mostly when i'm not moving. at work when i'm sitting at my desk. in the car on my commute. before bed. 

fun fact | baby sunshine can squint, frown, smile and suck his thumb. 

sleep | i don't always sleep the greatest. it's hit or miss. and i definitely can't seem to sleep very late but we've been going to be early. also, i've been trying to sneak in short naps on the weekends.

exercise | i have been trying to get at least 30 minutes of walking in per day. on the weekend mornings, i usually get more than that but i try not to overdue it.

maternity clothes | that's pretty much all i'm wearing these days. i'm so grateful to my friends A and D who gave/loaned me their maternity clothes. it's been such a blessing. we still have so much to buy for the baby that i couldn't imagine having to purchase an entire wardrobe right as well. 

symptoms | i've been having some acid reflux and back pain lately. hubby would also say that i've been super hormonal. but overall, nothing too bad.

cravings/aversions | fruit pastries and cereal have been my go-to sweet treats lately. i was having a chicken aversion but i think i'm over it now. 

nursery | it is coming along slowly so it will be while until we will be ready to do a reveal. we are on a tight budget due to the debt we incurred for our egg donor cycle. hopefully the nursery will be farther along after my baby shower and i can share it with you.

best part of the week | reading two books each night before bed to the baby. we're trying to establish a nighttime routine already. 

what i'm looking forward to | seeing our boy in the anatomy scan ultrasound next week. praying that all his parts and pieces are present and in the right places. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

my egg donor is her surrogate

sometimes you meet people and they change your life. you don’t know at the time that they will impact your life so dramatically, but they do. later, you look back at the situation and wonder if you’d be where you are if it hadn’t been for that fateful meeting. 

one of those serendipitous encounters was meeting fellow blogger suzanne in denver earlier this year. at the time, i just thought it would be fun to meet another infertility blogger and i knew that we’d have a lot in common. she and i were both traveling across country to seek fertility treatments at CCRM and we’d both had our share of heartbreak on the path to building our families. 

what i didn’t know was that suzanne would become a dear friend that i will have for the rest of my life. and what i could have never predicted was the path that our lives would take, in part, because of a conversation that took place at that first meeting in denver. 

suzanne and her husband T spoke candidly with A and i over lunch about their experience with egg donation at CCRM. we were very curious and asked a lot of questions. it wasn’t something we’d really thought very seriously about prior to that day. but that conversation planted a seed in us. despite our previous decision to end treatments if CCRM didn’t work out…we saw hope through suzanne and T’s story. perhaps egg donation could be the path to bring us our baby too. 

before we even got word from CCRM that all of our embryos (from two cycles) were abnormal, we’d already decided to move forward with egg donation. after so much disappointment and poor response, i knew in my heart that IVF probably wasn’t going to work with my own eggs. 

what if we’d never met with suzanne and T in denver? would we have decided to use an egg donor? maybe, eventually. or maybe not. but i certainly don’t think we would have powered forward so quickly into researching the egg donation process. nor would we have selected SDFC and been ready to accept the gift of K’s eggs when the opportunity presented itself. who knows how things could have been different? but i do think that everything came together perfectly to create this life growing inside of me. and certainly K and suzanne are a huge part of that story and the happy ending that i’m currently living by carrying our child. 

so imagine my anguish when suzanne told me that her doctor was recommending a gestational carrier for her remaining frozen embryos. i couldn't fathom going through everything she’s already endured and then being told…”yah, so now you can’t carry your child either”. pure and utter heartbreak. 

i couldn’t just stand by and watch it happen without feeling like i needed to do something. i remember telling suzanne, “i’m not giving up until i find you a surrogate so you don’t have to go through an agency”. it is so expensive to rent a uterus and agencies often stand to make almost $30,000 just for matching surrogates with intended parents and helping to guide the process. 

if i could just help in some small way, by eliminating the agency cost for suzanne so that she could move forward with her dream of becoming a mother, i wanted to do that. the woman that kept coming to my mind was K. she is the angel who helped us make our dreams come true and i wondered if she could be the one to help suzanne too. 

in several emails, K mentioned that she was done donating her eggs after her donation to us. but that she really has it on her heart to be a gestational carrier and help a family in that way. after the third time that K mentioned it, i decided to tell her about suzanne and put the two of them in contact.

almost exactly 5 months later, K signed the contract to be suzanne and T’s gestational carrier. it makes my heart swell that this is finally happening for my dear friend. it will be so incredible to watch our egg donor become pregnant with suzanne’s miracle baby. when suzanne and i both have our precious little ones, they will have such a special bond - knowing that the same amazing woman played a part in bringing them into this world.

what a beautiful shared story!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

celebrating baby boy | a trumpette giveaway

before i was pregnant with baby sunshine, i would occasionally pop into a little boutique near my office called Trumpette. They carry the cutest high-end baby socks, gifts and apparel. i'd walk around the store and daydream about, some day, dressing my little one in their gear. 

and now…finally...after almost 6 years of daydreaming, my little miracle is almost here. 
in fact, i felt him kick for the first time yesterday at 18 weeks and 4 days. since then, he's been practicing his field goal attempts inside my belly on a consistent basis. people say it feels like flutters in the beginning. um…not this guy. he is full-on kicking me. not that i'm complaining. i love knowing he's active and exercising his legs in there.

it is such a blessing to have this baby boy growing inside of me after everything that we've been through to get to here. so this post is to commemorate the kicking and celebrate our baby boy. when he arrives, you better believe my future NFL kicker's little feet will be covered with cute shoe socks from Trumpette. honestly, they are much more realistic than putting hard shoes on a newborn. i mean, come on. what little man doesn't need a pair of socks that look like slick boots to get around town in?

and the girl socks…ideal gifts if you're shopping for a little princess. from jewel tone mary janes to colorful little cupcake socks….they are so darling! they even have boo socks for Halloween. 

as if Trumpette gear isn't cute enough on its own, the celebs and their kiddos are always rocking this brand too.

i may or may not have been looking for an excuse to put a picture
of hottie Josh Duhamel and his stylish little boy Axl on my blog. ;)

now that you know more about Trumpette, i’m beyond ecstatic to team up with them to give away a huge prize to one lucky blog follower! the winner will receive ALL three items featured below: a large boy schleppbag, a cobalt howdy, and a box of six pairs of their new Hunter's socks. prize package is valued at over $150!

don't worry if you are still trying to conceive, you can always keep these items in a hope chest for your baby-to-be or use them for gifts.

you have until Thursday, October 23, 2014 at 11:59 p.m. PST to enter in this fabulous giveaway! just click into the Rafflecopter widget below and follow the easy steps to rack up entries! good luck.  

Friday, October 17, 2014

fertility friday | guilt about choosing IVF over adoption

photo credit
i read this article that my friend K posted on facebook leading into november, which is national adoption month….and i haven't been able to get it out of my head. the article has not only stuck with me because the story is heart-wrenching and i have oodles of pregnancy hormones seeping out of my pores…but because there is a twinge of guilt that i carry with me.

you see, people will sometimes imply, if not outright proclaim, that we (meaning infertile women) have a responsibility to adopt because we struggle to conceive easily. i resent the hell out that inference because i think it is everyone's responsibility as a society to provide loving homes and care for children who've been neglected or placed in the foster system. the weight of that burden shouldn't fall more heavily on those of us who struggle to have our own biological children.

yet if i'm honest, in the quiet of my heart, i do feel some guilt. i do question whether it was selfish of us to pursue treatments rather than adopt. is it just me? or have any of you ladies who've struggled to conceive felt that way at some point?

maybe it is just the type of person that i am. maybe i'd feel guilty for having an empty home and the financial means to support a child in need, regardless of whether i struggled to conceive.  

it does take more than the means and desire to effectively parent a child in the foster system. you have possess the ability and emotional strength to love a child through some really tough times and help to heal painful, deep wounds that have been inflicted on their little souls. this is where i've always struggled and don't know that i have that kind of strength. i think acknowledging our strengths and weaknesses is crucial before making a commitment to a child….a commitment that should be for life.

unfortunately, i just didn't have that calling deep in my heart to adopt like so many amazing women do. but i sometimes feel guilt about that. i feel sad. i feel self-reproach that i didn't couldn't be a stronger, braver person and change the bleak future for a child like Stephen.

i've reposted the article that i am referencing below for easy readability. do those of you who chose fertility treatments over adoption struggle with these same feelings?

They Break, You know

It was something about the phrasing that got to me. Something about the cadence of his words, the staccato of his speech.

“Nobody loves me. Not even my mother who gave birth to me.”

It is an odd turn of phrase, isn’t it?

Not even my mother who gave birth to me.

He was buckled into the backseat of my Toyota, still too little to sit up front. At seven he had already moved more times than the total number of years he had been on the earth. And this time, like the times before it, he moved with his belongings in a trash bag. A suitcase, at least, would have added a small degree of dignity to the whole affair – to being “placed” in another and another and yet another foster home before reaching the 3rd grade. Trash bags break, you know. Trash bags can’t possibly support the contents of any life, and certainly not a life as fragile as this.

They break from the strain, eventually.

This move was harder for Stephen than most. It was a home he thought he would stay in, at least for awhile. He had felt affection there. When I went to pick him up, after his foster mother gave notice that he could no longer stay, he came easily with me; head down, no reaction on the surface of it. It was only when he got into my car that he began to sob the kind of aching sound that leaves you limp in its wake.

He could barely get out the words. Nobody loves me. Not even my mother who gave birth to me.

Months later, in a repeat scene (another foster mother, another removal), he would put up a fight. He would run around the living room, ducking behind furniture, refusing to leave. But on this night he had no fight in him.

That was Stephen at seven.

Nine-year old Stephen grips his report card in sweaty hands. We’re headed to an adoption event, where we will meet families who want to adopt an older child; families who do not automatically rule out a boy like Stephen with all of his long “history.” And he wants to impress them, these strangers. He wants to win them over, and so he brings his good report card along as tangible proof that he is a child worth loving.

A child should never have to prove they are worth loving.

Twelve-year old Stephen tells me that I’m his best friend. I’m his social worker, and he should have a real best friend, but I don’t say this to him. We’re at a taping for Wednesday’s Child, the news spot featuring children who are up for adoption. Stephen is engaging on camera. Maybe somebody will pick him this time. Maybe he is offering just enough evidence, at twelve, that he’s a boy worth loving. And he is lovable, truly. But it is not enough. A family never comes.

Years later, long after I’ve left the agency, I get an email from my old boss asking how I’m doing, and ending with a short P.S. “Stephen is in DYS lockup after running away from his foster home. You need to adopt him.” My stomach drops. I’ve had this thought many times. I should adopt him myself. But I don’t.

I heard about his murder from a friend who had seen it in the news. Shot outside a party over some foolish dispute. Dead at 18, dead just as he became a man. Not my Stephen, I prayed. When I realized that it was really him – that it could be no other – I sobbed gripped by the kind of anguish that leaves you limp in its wake.

The newspapers ran very little about the murder, as if it were an afterthought. Barely worth a mention, really. Anonymous strangers posted nasty comments online: “Just another gangbanger,” they said. You don’t even know him. You don’t know the first thing about this boy. You don’t know that as a child he would trace letters into my back with his finger to pass time at the doctor’s office, asking me to guess what phrase he was spelling out. “I ♥ U” he traced between my shoulders, the last time we played this game.

Stephen had been wrong, that night in my Toyota. His mother did love him, in her way. She was there, at the funeral. She greeted me kindly. I think she knew I loved Stephen as I knew she did. We both failed him in the end, and that joined us I suppose. Neither of us could give him a family.

There were no photos from Stephen’s childhood at the funeral home. No images of the green-eyed boy with the sweet smile to remind us of what had been lost. There were no pictures of Stephen with his brothers, and so I printed up snapshots of the four boys together, taken on a supervised visit, and brought them to the funeral to give to the family. It was something I could do, against the larger backdrop of nothing I could do.

There were very few social workers at the funeral, and none of Stephen’s many foster mothers. Stephen spent more of his life being raised in the system than out of it. If you claim legal responsibility for a child, you best show up at his funeral. You should show up when he dies. He was yours, in a way, wasn’t he? You owe it to him. And if he did not belong to you, then who did he ever belong to?

His mother was there, at least. His mother who gave birth to him. I hear the echo of his voice from those many years ago.

Somebody does love you Stephen. I want to tell him. But it’s too late.

Stephen was the one, for me. The one who embodied all the failures of a system so broken that to heal it would take far more than the casts that heal the literal broken bones of the children growing up within it.

They break, you know. These kids we leave behind. Eventually they break.

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

should you disclose egg donation to your child?

there are honestly so many things to consider when deciding whether to disclose or not disclose egg donation to a donor-conceived child. the most important factor should always be…what's best for the child.

in the case of our son, my husband initially thought it might be easier on our son if he doesn't know that he was conceived with the help of an egg donor. i understand the idea behind this "ignorance is bliss" philosophy. if he doesn't know, he won't feel different and he won't have to deal with any negative emotions that could come from this knowledge.

however, i believe full disclose is best in our case. since we've been open about our journey with family, friends and the blogosphere…i don't think non-disclosure is a viable option. if we were planning on non-disclosure, we would've needed to decide that 8 months ago and not share with anyone. it is too easy for someone to slip up and spill the beans. having our son find out from anyone other than his parents is not right. 

not to mention, i plan on sharing k's information with our son when he is an adult (if he wants to contact her, he can). i want him to grow up knowing how he was conceived. i don't want him to ever remember the day we dropped a bomb on him and everything he knew to be true about his life was a farce. that would be devastating to anyone's sense of self. also, how would he know that he could trust anything that we've ever said if we kept something like this from him for years?

even if we hadn't told anyone and could easily keep this information a secret…i don't know that i'd want to. 1) it would be so hard to keep a secret of this magnitude from one of the most important people in my life. 2) secrets by their very nature illicit a feeling of shame and i'm not ashamed of my son's beautiful story. if i do my job right as a parent, i hope that he won't ever feel anything but loved. 3) i think everyone deserves to know their genetic make-up and background. 

i imagine that we will tell him using age appropriate books (which i will write about in a separate post) and statements like the ones below to communicate how much he was wanted and loved…even before he arrived.

we wanted you so badly that we went through amazing steps in order to bring you into this world.
we worked very hard so that we could have a wonderful child like you.
with the help of a doctor and a very special lady, we were able to have you.

in the end, my hope for our child is that he grows up knowing how he was conceived and understanding that being a parent has little to do with the genetics or contribution of DNA. instead, being a mommy and daddy has everything to do with providing loving, emotional and financial support to a child. this support doesn't require a genetic contribution, but is very dependent upon the hearts and minds of the people raising him.

Friday, October 10, 2014

fertility friday | hello america...

happy friday! 

sending love to a blog friend
i'd be remiss if i didn't mention one of our ttc sisters, who is in the throes of heartbreak right now. allison at belle haven drive has been battling infertility for a while. after several failed IVF cycles, she decided to go the egg donor route. she was about 10 weeks ahead of me in her pregnancy and delivered her twin girls early, at just over 27 weeks. she lost one of her sweet little babies yesterday and i haven't been able to get her off my mind. please stop by her blog and send her some love and/or say a prayer for her and her little one. i can't even imagine the pain and despair that she is feeling right now. 

a threat to infertiles  
i came across the article below on facebook and wanted to spread the word. unfortunately, i can't vote for this initiative because i live in california but maybe some of my readers are from colorado or others want to spread the word. rarely do i get involved with politics but when the government threatens to take away women's rights to pursue fertility treatments…that concerns me. take a read and feel free to share. this article was originally on huffington post

Hello America, It's Me, Colorado

Hello? Is anyone out there? It's me, Colorado. 

You might have heard about me lately. I've been in the news from time to time. Did you know you can buy legal weed out here? Folks seem to like that. And we have a pretty good football team with a pretty good quarterback -- the Denver Broncos and that guy Peyton Manning. Except when we play Seattle. They just have our number. 

There's something big going on here that no one seems to be talking about. This has me a little worried. OK, to be honest, it has me more than a little worried. I'm Colorado. I have this cool, funky, fun, wild west reputation -- I'm pretty and smart and fit and people like me. It's fun to be me. 

Here's the thing. I'm afraid no one will like me much after the election this November. 

Why? Because half of my population (that's over 2.6 million people, for those of you who like numbers) might lose a whole lot of their basic rights this November. That's when Coloradans will vote on something called Amendment 67, aka "Personhood." If the election were held today, some polls show it would pass. That's why I'm so scared. 

Amendment 67 is what's also known as "Personhood".

Personhood, if you've never heard of it before, is the movement to give fertilized eggs all the same rights as people -- two cells would have the same rights as you or your best friend. The group behind this movement, Personhood USA, is based right here in Denver. Every couple of years they try and write their fertilized egg = person ideas into my Constitution. The last couple of times most Coloradans have voted "NO" on these amendments and they've failed. But this year things are different. 

This year, the Personhood USA folks are more deceptive.They've disguised "personhood" as something else. This year, they say they simply want to "protect pregnant women." Which is why when people read the language on their ballots, they think it sounds like a good idea. But it's not. Here's what Amendment 67 would really do:
- Outlaw all abortion in Colorado, even in cases of rape and incest. 
- Ban some of the most common and effective forms of birth control, including the Pill and IUDs. 
- Make it illegal for a pregnant women with cancer to choose treatment that could save her life. 
- Restrict options for women wanting in vitro fertilization. 
- Any birth that isn't a live-birth -- so miscarriages and still births -- could be deemed suspicious deaths and would be investigated by police. 

If Amendment 67 were to pass, Colorado's 2.6 million women would face the harshest restrictions on their rights anywhere in the country. I'm afraid this could happen. Because no one is really talking much about Amendment 67, either here in Colorado or anywhere else in the country. I don't understand why not. If "personhood" could pass here, it could pass anywhere. 

So America, I'm asking for a little help. Help to get the word out about "personhood" and the terrifying attacks on women's rights happening right here in Colorado. Truth is, I really need your help. 

Here's what you can do:

Go here and learn more. Maybe give a couple bucks to help stop Colorado's Amendment 67. Then share the link of that page with everyone you know. 

That would mean a lot to me. I'll be sure to repay the favor and invite you out in a couple months for some great skiing and beautiful scenery and amazing weed. Hey, it's the least I can do. 

Sincerely yours, 

winners from last week's book giveaway
thanks to everyone for your comments and entering the giveaway. honestly, i wish i had books for every single one of you. as always, i'm wishing all of you the best of luck on your ttc journey. below are the winners that were chosen at random:

when you're not expecting - patricia castillo
it starts with the egg - jess
the infertility cure - jenlee
anji medicated fertility meditation cd - lisamarie 
the mind-body fertility connection - lauren
IVF meditation cd - jojo
 conquering infertility - richelle
 fertility foods - heather (2nd to last comment)
fertility diet - dawn 
CCRM medication cd - anonymous/annabelle 

if your name is on the list above, please send your mailing address at dreamingofdimples (at) gmail (dot) com by 10/17. for any books that are not claimed by that date, a new winner will be selected. 

don't forget to link up your fertility related post below. 
have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, October 6, 2014

a trip to nowhere and a cancer diagnosis

this pregnancy has been a whirlwind. sometimes it feels like i blink and another week is gone. last weekend, hubby and i tried to make the trek to sonoma for A's cycling team BBQ. instead, we sat in the car for hours in traffic and never did make it. 

our turnaround spot (where we finally gave up and decided to just go back home) was napa. luckily, we were able to get a bite to eat and stretch our legs a bit. we were bummed that we spent a round trip total of 6 hours in the car on a sunny Saturday and never arrived at our destination. but it ended up being good. we reminisced about our first trip to napa and thought about what it would be like to return next time with a baby. it still doesn't feel possible that we will have a baby in just six short months. 

although i am thrilled to be a mama to a human child and we can't wait to meet our lil sunshine, we've been parents for almost nine years to a furry little guy that we call LG. ever since he was a spunky pup, at the age of 3 year old, i've been telling him…"mama is trying to get you a playmate, a buddy and a best friend."

and now it's finally happened. his best bud is on the way. but he's not the spunky little pup that he once was. he's middle aged and slowing down. although i know he and our baby sunshine will still have a blast together (when baby gets big enough), our joy has been dampened a tad by the words "malignant carcinoma". 

we found a pea sized mass on LG's head a few weeks ago. although our vet thought it was probably nothing, he said the safest course of action was to have it surgically removed and sent to the lab for testing. to save $200, i almost didn't have the mass tested figuring it was probably nothing and we don't really have the money. but thank goodness, my hubby said "we've already put the dog through the surgery, just send it to the lab". 

on friday, we got the call that the mass was indeed cancer. the vet called it malignant carcinoma. needless to say, we've been sad because we love LG as if he were human. he is our first baby. but we are grateful the situation isn't worse. the doctor said it isn't an aggressive type of cancer that typically spreads to other organs and he thinks that we got it all out. now we just have to watch for regrowth and hope for the best. 

it's just a reminder of how much time really went by...all of those years we spent trying to conceive. and how important it is to cherish every moment of happiness and love we are blessed with in life. things can take a turn at any moment….the only thing we have are these little moments all strung together. so tonight, i will snuggle LG a little bit longer and be grateful for the time we've been given with this amazing creature. 

Friday, October 3, 2014

fertility friday | gifts from me to you

happy friday y'all. 

hope you have some fun weekend plans. as for me, i'll be hard at work this weekend finishing a post that i've been writing for a while about how whether to disclose our egg donation to our child. i also have a bump update coming next week with a funny story to share. 

but for now…here's to sharing and connecting which is what fertility friday is all about. want to participate? just include the button below on your post and link your fertility related post on this blog every friday. 

fertility friday book giveaway
i mentioned in one of my first posts (which you can read HERE) that i love books. i totally crave the knowledge and escape that comes with sitting down and losing yourself in a good book. as such, i read a ton and my book collection can get a little out of hand. 

to make room for books on sleep training, pregnancy and parenting, i need to part with my beloved fertility books and cds. they've helped me tremendously over the years and now i hope to pass them on so that they can be of help to some of you. 

so here's what i am going to do. below i will list a 10-sec review and description of the book. if you want the book, please tell where you are in your ttc journey and which book you'd like in the comments. if multiple people select the same book, i will draw a name out a hat. next friday, i will post the names of the book recipients and mail them out to each of you. sound good? okay, here we go.

meditation cds
i have three meditation cds. one is from CCRM and probably the one i listened to most often. the other two are Anji cds - one for medicated cycles that i used during IUIs and the other is specifically for IVF.

fertility facts
my first fertility book. it provides some very basic tips and is probably best for someone who is just starting to try to conceive. 

conquering infertility
if you are looking for a book on how to deal with the emotional ups and downs of infertility, this is the book. it teaches many relaxation techniques which are necessary when on the emotional roller coaster of infertility. it also gives great advice on how to cope with difficult situations like friends pregnancies, family, and the work environment. 

it starts with the egg
i wrote a very in-depth review of this book that you can read HERE

when you're not expecting
a good overview of the difficulties dealing with infertility. it includes topics ranging from same sex issues, single parenthood and even a bit about adoption. but tries to cover too many topics and as a result many are skimmed over or not covered in-depth. 

the mind-body fertility connection
this is a good book if you suffer from unexplained infertility. it talks about how hypnotherapy works to move on from things in your past that may hinder you from conceiving. it focuses a lot on the mind body connection of becoming pregnant. it also talks about believing in yourself and trying to defy statistics. its an uplifting book and would be of interest for someone who is tired of doctors or looking for an alternative to fertility treatments.

fertility foods
this is good book which, in very simple terms, explains how this nutrition plan works. the gist is that insulin resistance--a condition that can be pre-diabetic, and a condition that can be moderated by proper diet--impedes fertility. the book describes that problem and proposes a solution.

the infertility cure
Dr. Lewis gives easy to follow steps to personal diagnosis and cure through traditional chinese medicine. she has been trained in both chinese and western medicine and she boasts a 75% success rate, much higher than we see in western fertility clinics. and having experienced infertility herself, she offers much comfort and hope to those of us who have been on the emotional roller coaster of trying and failing to get pregnant. The recommendations used in her traditional chinese treatments will also compliment western medicine for those who are not ready to give up on their fertility doctor. 

the fertility diet
this book is very informative. the authors are two Harvard practitioners and if you regularly go to the Harvard nutrition website, you'll find that the information there matches the findings of the study on which this book is based. this book was an easy read and provided important nutrition and lifestyle information for women trying to become pregnant. the information seemed well-proven and effective. i put into practice some of the ideas immediately and found them easy to follow.

blogger celebrity 
if you don't follow em at teach me to braid, you should. she's a phenomenal mother and writer. she posted a piece that is definitely worth the read and has even caught the attention of ABC. Check it out!
If My Child Marries Yours

mug exchange 
lastly, i usually do a mug swap this time of year to celebrate fall. however, chelsea at starbucks, peace and the pursuit of a baby decided to host one this year on her blog. rather than double up, i just decided to participate in her exchange. it should be a lot of fun. if you want to learn more about it, you can do so HERE

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