Saturday, April 26, 2014

how to know more about infertility

Twenty five years ago, 
RESOLVE, the national infertility association, started a movement called National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW). The purpose: to break the silence of infertility. This year, NIAW is April 19th-26th.
Although it is the end of the week, I still want to contribute, share and be a part of this special time. Every year, I build this week up in my mind and feel a lot of pressure to write something profound. And every year, I am disappointed with myself.
You see, I'm not the best writer or storyteller. I'm not really "special" among infertiles. We all have different experiences but share many of the same feelings and face many of the same challenges. So when I read the blog posts of others, I get intimidated and think to myself "what could I possibly say that hasn't already been said by someone else…and said better".
I usually draw a blank. 
That being said, I decided to be a resource. The theme for this year's blogger challenge is 
"RESOLVE to Know More". 
It's in my nature to seek information. When faced with a deep, painful obstacle such as infertility, I tend to read as much as I can. Any resource that I can get my hands on, I soak it up. It helps to prepare me for the decisions ahead, learn tips how to cope with overwhelming emotions and to support others.
Over the past, almost six years now (wow, I can't believe its been that long), I've bought and read countless books, attended support groups, become an advocate for RESOLVE and read thousands of articles and blog posts.
I've learned a tremendous amount about fertility and infertility. Some things that I've read have been invaluable, while others, not so much. So for NIAW, I'd like to share some resources that I have read, enjoyed and think might be helpful for you to read as well.
If you're currently on the roller coaster ride of infertility, you know why it's important to be educated. If you are fortunate enough to be a fertile myrtle, you should become informed because infertility affects 1 in 8 couples (some studies are now saying 1 in 6). That means for every 8 people you know, 1 of them is struggling with one of the most difficult challenges of their lives....and they need your support and compassion. If you've not yet started trying to have children but want to be a mother some day, you should be aware of the things could affect your future fertility.
Here are some great resources that you might enjoy. 
Future Baby Mamas
The Infertility Cure

Fertile Myrtles  
 Infertility Etiquette
How to Help a Friend with Infertility
Breaking Your Pregnancy News to a Friend with Infertility 

Conquering Infertility
It Start with the Egg
Egg Donation

I plan to continue to build onto this list and put it in the sidebar of my blog. 
If you have any must-reads that should be considered for this list, please list them in the comments. I'd love to hear some things you've read to "know more" about the subjects of fertility, infertility and various different family building options.  
And lastly, here is my shameless plug. 
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Thursday, April 17, 2014

guess who turned 8 (or 56)?

my baby, LG!!!
We call him LG. Short for "little guy". 
Even though, by most people's standards, he is not, in fact, little at all. 
For some reason, we thought he was small for a male aussie. 

He is the apple of our eye and a huge part of our lives.
Sometimes I don't think he's at all aware that he is not a human being. 
Since he sleeps on the bed, travels with us, has his own room 
(until he has to share with a real human baby), and cuddles excessively…
and wants nothing to do with other dogs.

LG just loves to be around his "people" pack.

So because he is our fur baby (our only child for now), 
his mama woke up early to celebrate his 8th birthday…
complete with a hat, presents and a delicious birthday treat.

I wanted him to have a super fun birthday and know that he so special and loved.
Looks like I may have succeeded…

Saturday, April 12, 2014

what are you doing for others?

Recently, someone has made me think about what it means to truly help others. I mean, truly. To look for opportunities to change peoples' lives. To do what you can do to impact someone's world. Whether it is something big or doesn't matter.

Most of us have the ability to help others in a profound way. To give selflessly of ourselves for the pure joy and happiness of others. But we don't do it.

So many reasons. Too busy. We have our own problems to worry about. Maybe we don't really think we could make a difference in someone's life. Or maybe we don't think about it at all.

The world needs more people who are willing to act and not look away. To be problem hunters. Not in our own lives (which so many of us do), but in the lives of others. To ask ourselves what need we can fulfill. What gift of ourselves can we give?

And then do something about it. 
That's the part where many of us fall short…at least it's true for me. We may see the problem. Feel compassion. But then turn away and focus again on ourselves and our own lives. We simply don't take action.

I vow to do something kind for someone else. 
Everyone could use a helping hand now and then. 
Moving forward, I will see others' needs and lift them up.

What commitment are you willing to make to live more for others?

Below are some inspirational quotes that really resonated with me on this subject.

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