Sunday, November 3, 2013

this is for you swappers!

So so sorry ladies.
I'm late, late for a very important date. 
My apologies.

Not everyone left their email address in the comments and I don't want to leave anyone out. So I'm going to match y'all and then ask that you look for your blog/insta partner's email in the comments here. If you don't see them, it's because they signed up via Instagram and you connect with them by viewing comments on the #autumnmugswap hashtag on Instagram. I did my best to match bloggers with bloggers and IGers with IGers. Also, if you signed up and I somehow missed you...please let me know and I'll get your matched. 

Below are the mug swap matches, start shopping and swapping!

(Note: If you are one of the 4 Ashleys, please click through to make sure your blog is linked before you contact your swap buddy to ensure you're looking at the correct match.)

Aislinn and Lauren Thomas
Meant To Be Mommy and Dog Mom Chasing the Stork
Mrs Green Grass and Aspgriswold
Cheryl and Mary
Jessah and Suzanne
Fourth Grade Something and Amy P.
Sally and The Granberrys
Shay and JoJo
Aubrey and Sarah
Shannon and Sybil 
Stephanie C. and Antonia
Katie Jeanne and Amber
Jamie and Ashley
Em and Amie
Ashley and Ashley
Katie and Sara
Nina and Lauren

Instagrammers (non-bloggers)
Christina @kers_11 and Cairna @mrscolivares
Martha @empty_cradle and MZ @tworldsttc
Teva @cheerslovers and Rudy @teamcoxttc
Meli @IVFWish_BFPDreams and Christina @wishingfor_babylove
Cynthia @cynttc and Jaime @jshell_ttc
Sarah @s_milliman and Jenny @slpmama3
Terri @tessabella76 and Lauren @lauren_gervais
Amy Michele @amymichele81 and Melanie @hopingforbabylevoy
Beth @elizardbreathspeaks and Lucy @ellesee1
Ang @fabmamafitness and B @b_wackyamzgrllife
Marina @marina04118 and @DNAThomsen
Sydnie @mrs_sydnie_w and KC @ttcamiracle13
Jamie @byarsjamie and Hailey @haileyelisehughes
Jessica @jess_douglas and Kyle @kphughes
Waiting4Stork @waiting4stork and Jess @jessika_stepanski
Sophia @sophia_ttc and Stacy @journeytobaby
Jess @jesslacombe and Jessica @jessicamichaela
Meg @megbrink and Tiffany @mrsfrazer_ttc

If you have any trouble at all reaching your match buddy, please feel free to email me using the link in the top right corner (envelope icon). I'll help you get in touch with your swap buddy.

Can't wait to see all the happiness being spread! Don't forget to post your new mug and link up here on November 20th (Beautiful Day) and/or post on Instagram using hashtag #autumnmugswap 

Happy Swapping!


Beth @ E. Lizard Breath Speaks said...

Beth @ elizardbreathspeaks here i am a blogger & if Lucy my partner would email me @ please. her instagram account is private. thx! ( ;

Wherethebleepisourstork said...

Thanks so much, Jessah!

SmallTownFamily said...

I've also got a blog, but didn't attach it with the 10.21.13 comment. If anyone needs another sarcastic infertility blog to read head over to Lord knows we all need the support! :)

Ashley said...

Thanks, Jessah! Looking forward to it!

Ashley @ Always Ashley said...

Excited about this :-)

Mrs B. said...

You are so sweet!

Sarah said...

Such a cute, cute swap! I'll have to join in next year!

Sadie said...

Boo, how'd I miss this swap?! Great idea Jessah, it's sweet of you to organize!

shay said...

Yay! So fun! :)

Suzanne said...

My mug is officially on it's way!! Love that you put this together and I hope you really like your mug!! xoxo


Very excited about this swap & I think it's an amazing idea! I also have a blog {}/aside from my instagram account.

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