Saturday, June 15, 2013

one good thing about infertility

I feel like my blog has been doom and gloom lately. And boy do I hate that. It's about time that I write about something positive. So here's what I got. 

One good thing about can make a marriage stronger. 

It is really easy to get along and have fun with your spouse when everything in life is going great. But you really find out what your marriage is made of when you're forced to face life struggles together. After nearly tearing us apart, it has truly brought my husband I much closer together.
And for that...I am grateful.

Despite our recent disappointment and bad news at CCRM, A and I actually had an amazing time exploring the area. We spent quality time together and really connected. My best friend S is so incredibly generous. She loaned us her cute Lexus SUV and her house in Cherry Creek North while we were in Denver. We flew into Colorado the same night that she and her daughter flew out to Costa Rica. A got to meet S and her daughter for a few minutes while we got her car and house keys.

How lucky am I to have a friend that lives in the nicest part of Denver and is willing to help us out like this? We didn't have to pay for lodging or a rental car during our trip. S says it's her contribution to our expensive baby making endeavor. 

Let me tell show you a little bit about our trip. 

We caught up on our sleep. 
We enjoyed perfect weather.
We ingested a lot of delicious heathy food.
We explored some really cool areas in and around Denver.
We got some much needed exercise (well, at least I needed it. A is always super active).

Downtown Denver
the food (left to right): waffles with fruit | veggie panini | pomegranate mojito & kale lime aid | southwest sweet potato salad & asparagus | spaghetti squash | vegetable crudite' | veggie burger & cabbage salad | buckwheat pancakes with coconut creme & beery sauce + homemade banana ice cream | veggie tofu stir fry | lemon tart with coconut creme and fresh berries
We took a drive through Golden to Vail. Once there, we stumbled upon the Go Pro Mountain Games. Dog dock jumping. Extreme mountain biking competition. Kayaking tricks. The mountains were still snow covered and gorgeous!

Vail | Mountain Games | Home to Coors Brewing Company

And last but certainly not least, A raced in the North Boulder Classic Criterium race. He has recently ungraded to a higher category (which means stiffer competition). Since he doesn't train in elevation, he wasn't sure how he'd do. So imagine my surprise when he rounded that last corner to take first place in the race.

I bought his trademark neon yellow socks to spot him easier on the course

I'm so proud of him! I was screaming like a crazy person when he approached the finish line. He trains so hard and is very competitive. So all is right in the world when he has a good race. Seeing him disappointed is one of the hardest things for me to bare. I love seeing him smiling like this. Maybe not with his arms around two cute blondes...but I love seeing him happy. So lucky to be his biggest fan and have him as mine.

Colorado brought us one win...hopefully it can bring us another big one!


Em said...

This post made me so hungry...and then after reading about your husband, it made me want to work out. I'm so conflicted now! (-:

But enough about me since this is YOUR post...I am so glad that you had such an amazing time in CO. This sounds like it was an amazing trip...well, at least the vacation-y part of it. You two certainly deserve it.

jAllen said...

OMG, it all looks amazing! Such beautiful photos and I love how you arranged them Congrats to A for his win! That is so exciting. For all the hardships endured during infertility, sometimes you really have to soak in these moments and pity the fertiles who, 'how did you get pregnant?' 'Oh, you just had sex? in your own bed?...well, that's boring...'

Gypsy Mama said...

You are right, infertility can make a marriage stronger. I know it certainly has for us. I am so glad you were able to find the silver lining to your trip to Colarado. I am hoping and praying for the best outcome for you at CCRM

Aubrey said...

Praying that CO does bring you another big win!!!
Love the pictures- looks like you had a great time. I'm so glad you have each other. xoxo

Taylor Elyse said...

It's always great to take time to see things in a positive light!


Sarah said...

I love this post Jessah and I could not agree more. Infertility has only had a positive impact on our marriage and made us an unstoppable team of awesomeness combating this horrible disease. Love the pics!

Kaity said...

What an amazing accomplishment! Major props to your hubby! I've always wanted to visit Colorado- it looks so beautiful.

Ashley said...

Wow- congrats to your hubby, that's awesome! Looks like a great place to visit. (Under different circumstances of course!)

JenS said...

Denver is a great city. I need to get out and explore it more when I am there. Unfortunately, I end up spending most of my time there at my in-laws house and missing out on everything the city has to offer. Congrats to A! That is really impressive to do at altitude when he isn't used to it. I can barely climb a flight of stairs my first couple of days there. :)

conceptionallychallenged said...

It looks like a great trip overall! How wonderful of your friend to lend you house and car. And congrats to A for winning that race!

Amanda said...

I'm so sorry you got bad news, but I admire you for seeing the positive. And it looks like you had a great trip! Congrats to the winner!

Sarah said...

Wow looks like a great trip! And Holy cow to your husband coming in first!! That is amazing :)

Non Sequitur Chica said...

Glad you guys had such a good time in Denver. I lived there for three years so I can give ou things to do and restaurant suggestions next time you are out there!

JoJo said...

Sounds like a wonderful visit to Colorado. Hope that one big win is the start of others.

Anonymous said...

Hi...I stumbled across your blog today following a random post on Pinterest, and I've been obsessively reading every blog post since then.

Thank you for sharing your story. I have a friend who suffered two miscarriages over the past year, and as a result lost both fallopian tubes. Since then I've been super sensitive about infertility, and read your posts helped me know that just being there to listen and offer a shoulder is enough.

Praying that you continue to allow God to bless other through your powerful blog.

Ashley in Houston

rhonda said...

I'm glad that you are still able to look for the positive things. We love Denver. It's a really neat place.

Mrs B. said...

This is a great post girl. So glad to see a positive side to your infertility. They do say I makes or breaks a marriage and great to see you both have come out on top.

Darcy Kristy said...

Kale yummy! We had some at True Food Kitchen a few weekend s ago, and fell in love!

Anyways, I'm so happy to see this post. It warms my heart to know that you have found a silver lining. Yay for a supportive marriage through such a trying time (s).

And, I too hope that Denver can bring you and A one more big successful, 9 month, healthy WIN. I'm
roorooting for you two over here on the infertility sidelines xoxo

Just T said...

I don't think your post have been doom and gloom at all. In all honesty you have been through so much lately after your failed ivf.

My husband and I went to Colorado a few years ago (West of Denver 30 miles) and fell in love. We are planning the relocate in just a few short years and I can't wait!

Team Harries said...

Looks like a wonderful trip! So glad you got to enjoy despite the situation! Wonderful pics too!!!

Aramis said...

Looks like (all things CCRM aside) it was an absolutely amazing trip. And congrats to your husband on his big win!

Charity said...

I am loving all the photos. And what a blessing to have a friend like that. S is one of a kind always hold on tight. I am happy that you were able to explore and bond more with A, infertility can be really rough on marriage but I am sure yours will get stronger and stronger.

Sarah Jafari said...

Hi Jess!
Wow, I haven't seen A in a while...his leg muscles are huge, he has been training hard. Good for him! Denver looks beautiful and the food yummy! I'm hungry now.
Love you

Always Maylee said...

I'm so glad you were able to enjoy yourselves while you were in Denver. And a big YAY for A on his race! :)

xo, Yi-chia

Whitney B. said...

THAT IS AWESOME!!!! Congrats to the hubs!!
Love your food pics, yumo, Denver looks so beautiful!

shay said...

Glad you guys had fun in colorado... your pics were great!

Emily said...

This post makes me want to ride a bike, eat lots of yummy food and take another trip to CO! haha! Isn't CO so beautiful and Golden is so cute!

Your photo skills are awesome btw. I love the third one from the bottom (profile pic of A riding). That is a great shot you got!

Praying so hard that CO brings you that other win you are hoping for. You guys deserve your dreams to come true!

Becky said...

I'm SOOOO happy to hear you had a fun time in my state (aside from CCRM stuff)! And how awesome is that about A's win! The elevation is pretty different here, most athletes are affected by it, even NFL players so that is so awesome that he wasn't phased by it! Looks like you guys really lived it up while you were here! :)

Mrs B. said...

Great post. So very positive and uplifting

Amie said...

Congrats to him on the win, that's awesome!! It looks so beautiful there :) I'm glad your trip went so well, it sounds like that is just what you needed.

Amber said...

That is very awesome that you have a friend in Denver and you were able to borrow her house and car! Despite the stress of CCRM, it sounds like you had a really good trip. Congrats to A for coming in first place!

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