Tuesday, February 26, 2013

be a part of the wish tree

Recently, I started thinking about the idea of a wish tree.  It is a magical thought. 
That something as sturdy, strong and beautiful as a tree can hold our dreams on its branches.
A tree that looks at God all day and lifts her leafy arms to pray.
That we could just hang them there.
And release them to the universe.

Together they would sit.
Our wishes.
Dreams of babies. Love. Hope for the future.
Happiness. Health. Homes filled with laughter and joy.
Whatever your wish may be.

I'd like to create that tree. That wish tree. For all of us.
A tree with just my own wishes seems so lonely.
So, I hope that you wish with me.

Below is the wish piece by Yoko Ono (1996):

Make a wish
Write it down on a piece of paper
Fold it and tie it around a branch of a Wish Tree
Ask your friends to do the same
Keep wishing
Until the branches are covered with wishes

Here's how it will work.
Leave a comment on this post with your wish. 
I will write it down for you and tie it to a branch of the Wish Tree.

My hope is that this tree will be filled with wishes from all around the world.
I'll post updates of our tree covered with wishes on this blog throughout the summer.
If you're so inclined, do as Yoko suggests and ask your friends to do it as well.
For your convenience, there is a button on my sidebar that you can grab. 
{You do not have to be a blogger to participate. 
If you're anonymous, please leave initials or a nickname of some identifier with your comment. }

I hope all of your wishes come true!


Laura said...

What a beautiful idea! Thank you for including us.

My wish is to finally hold in my arms, the baby we're been hoping, trying and praying for for so long.

Catherine said...

I wish that I could get pregnant with a healthy take home baby.

MaggieTheMrs said...

This is such a beautiful idea. I absolutely love it. I received my book in the mail and can't wait to get to reading! I also can't wait to pay it forward on my blog. :)

JenS said...

I love this idea!!!
My wish is for a healthy, full term pregnancy.

Gypsy Mama said...

I love love love this idea! I think I will share the button on my blog. Thanks for starting this!!

I dream of being a Mama soon and having a happy family. I dream of having at least two children, biological and/or adopted.

shay said...

This is such a cute idea!

I'm wishing for a little bundle of joy (duh) -- and moreover that it happens while we're "on a break" from modern technology to get us there!

Anonymous said...

This is such a sweet, positive idea.

My wish: To finally be a mommy, anyway would be fine and to have a happy, nurturing homelife together as a family. MLW

Emily said...

My wish is that every obstacle I experience in life will someday show itself to be a blessing.

Lissa said...

I am wishing for a moment where I can just be in that moment and find contentness.

LB said...

I love this idea and your blog. Your words are beautiful and inspiring! My wish is for happiness, a beautiful start to this new journey, and for laughter, health and love.

Anonymous said...

Great idea! I have more than one wish but don't want to be greedy :)So I'll ask for the one thing that my heart desires the most. My wish is to conceive and have a healthy beautiful baby (God willing this year). Thanks for the opportunity and may all your wishes come true!



Kailey said...

My wish is that I would be at peace and enjoy the journey to becoming a mommy.

Anonymous said...

I wish for my 7 week old baby to not be impacted by the hematoma discovered in my womb and that this very much wanted baby grows healthy and strong inside of me. We have been waiting for this baby for over three years and can't wait to meet it. Xoxoxo Amy

Dream Chase said...

I'm crying as I'm reading this. I don't even know what to wish, hope, or pray for anymore. I wish I could be a mom, of course, but I think the right wish is that for my heart and mind to accept whatever is meant to be and stop trying for something that won't be or dreaming of something that won't be. To just know and accept what will be and move forward.

Chelley N said...

I love this concept!

I wish for heart healing.

Aubrey said...

I love you for doing this for us!!

Here's my wish:

To be a Mom. To make my husband a Dad. To be able to give my miracle baby all the Love and Support in the world. xo

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for doing this too. So needed right now for so many of us! Amy xoxo

Anonymous said...

I wish that my niece/nephew grows big and strong and arrives in October with my sisters nose and my brother in laws smile. And a predisposition for being naughty. Kbbj.

Sadie said...

This is so beautiful Jessah! I'll add your button to my blog!

I have a lot of wishes for things to be better and clearer for us this year (as itemized on my blog), but really, more than anything, there is just the one, the really obvious....I wish to become a mother to a healthy take-home baby.

Darcy said...

My wish is to complete our family somedaw, somhow... and to find contentment while we wait.

Amber said...

My wish is for my husband and I to become parents. We wish more than anything to be a little ones Mommy and Daddy.

ThistleAshD said...

I wish that I could homeschool and raise my kids in a foreign country.

Laura said...

This is a great idea, Jessah! Can't wait to see how it turns out.

My wish is to deliver a happy, healthy baby! :) My bigger dream would be to have two eventually, but I would be more than content with just one.

Anonymous said...

I wish that against all odds, I am in fact pregnant as I write this.

Shelby said...

This is a lovely idea! I am going to make a wish tree now.

My wish is that whichever direction our journey goes that I can fully be at peace with it and grow to accept and love the path that is given to me.

Thank you for this! (here from ICLW)

Katie Broderick said...

I love this idea & concept. I currently have a friend that's going through a difficult time. I wish that she can find the strength within herself to get through the next few months to get herself better.


Anonymous said...

I wish that this little baby of mine is healthy, Jess xxx

April March said...

I wish to please not be waiting too much longer for a healthy take home baby. That our hearts will heal.

Lena Amstutz said...

I wish that my dreams of being a home come true and that it is everything I've been praying for and even more!

Anonymous said...

My wish is to find love.

Tif said...

I wish that I am able to join my Church's Worship Team! I want to sing His Glory!

Gentri said...

I wish to be happy and satisfied with life no matter what comes my way. :)

P.S. I read your blog, yet I wasn't following?!?! I don't even know how. But I've fixed that!

Kelly {Sparkles and Shoes} said...

This is such a cute idea! I found your blog through the Tiffany & Co. giveaway and I am so glad I did, I love it and I am now following you!

Sparkles and Shoes

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

This is SO cute! And so is your blog :) Found you via the giveaway and I'm your newest follower.

lo @ crazy ever after said...

My wish is that our current situation can somehow be used for good. I want a baby so desperately, yet it's not happening. I want to use this time responsibly. I don't want to look back and mourn the time I lost obsessing over a baby. I wish for peace. And clarity. For myself. And for every other individual who desires an addition to their family.

Shannon said...

What an amazing idea. I'm going to do this with my kids this weekend. Thank you for sharing.

Monica said...

Such a Beautiful idea, I love it. Thank you for this. I hope & pray that I will become pregnant with our little miracle. My Husband & I have been trying for just about about 9 years.. I also wish that I can just get through this without constantly breaking down and feeling so depressed. I try so hard to stay as positive as I can, it does help at times. I love your blog & also follow you on FB! Good luck to you ALL. :)

Tara Nichols said...

So many wishes for babies, I wish for every one of these special ladies to know the joy of motherhood! I wish for a rainbow baby!

Mel said...

I wish for my beautiful best friend to fulfil her dream of being a Mummy. I wish for her cycle of pain and disappointment to end. I wish to see the contentment and wonder on her face that she deserves. xx

Xochitl Spoerer said...

Such a beautiful idea. My wish would be that my sweet Angel watch over us always and someday hold a child of our own in my arms.
Thank you for this

Anonymous said...

I start IVF in two weeks. I wish for a positive pregnancy test and a baby to bring home. SF in Houston TX

Anonymous said...

I wish to be pregnant with the love of my life's child. A child we so desperately want and are waiting for.
Thank you

Rachel said...

What a lovely idea.

I wish for me and my husband to be blessed with a healthy baby sometime soon.

Thankyou xxx

Katie G said...

Such a lovely and heart felt idea.

My wish is to come to terms and accept life as it is, to be content in this very moment regardless of if a baby is in my future or now.

ANNA KEHOE said...

What a positive idea!
We found out yesterday that ivf is our best bet to become parents.
I hope we are able to come up with the funds.
I wish for a healthy addition to our family. AEK

Infertile625 said...

LOVE THIS! How did I miss this before?

My wish is that my baby will be born healthy and happy in 9 months.

Finley S said...

wow what a clever and fabulous idea though completely overwhelming also when reading through all the comments!

I thought about the Serenity prayer when I read this, so as well as that I think lots of prayers "for my husband and I to be blessed with the wonder of a child and to have the courage to face whatever may come with the Lord by my side, forever giving me strength, peace and thankfulness".

Anonymous said...

I wish for another healthy full term baby. I love being a mom and I wish for it to happen again. I pray for God to bless us again.

Anonymous said...

I've been so truly blessed already in life... a wonderful husband and family, fantastic fur-babies, and a career that has taken 8 intense years to achieve. But I do wish for a child, be it conceived or adopted. And if we are not blessed with a child, I wish to be able to learn to be happy and fulfilled with the most incredible life we can build together.

Paula Schuck said...

I wish for you all to be able to experience the joy of holiding your baby in your arms however the child comes to you. We experienced infertility early in our marriage and ended up adopting two beautiful girls from domestic foster care system. I don't say that as a confrontational adoption vs infertility statement just a fact for us about how we formed our family. I currently community manage many infertility patient groups. I dunserstand the heartbreak too well. This is a beautiful blog and the emotion contained in this post is something I wish all the doctors, nurses, policy makers and the politicians could see. Sharing this widely because I love your writing.

community manager for
Conceivable Dreams and
Generations of Hope

Catherine Chouinard-Litalien said...

I hope the tiny embryo that we have had transferred yesterday turns out be the healthy baby we have been praying for.

Laura Provence said...

I love this idea! We can use any help we can get. We have had 2 failed IVF cycles and are interviewing new REs to start a 3rd. I don't know if IVF will ever work for us or if we will adopt. Therefore, my wish is generic (so as to not limit our hopes for our future) but specific enough to include a baby and not an older child (still hoping for a baby).

My wish is to someday have a baby.
~Laura Provence

Missy said...

My one and only wish is for you to be a Mommy. He/She is going to be one very lucky baby.

I also wish for you peace of mind while you wait for this new chapter in your life to begin.

{I am a Mom who waited 9 years, through 2 miscarriages and a failed IUI for our miracle baby boy so I am living proof that it CAN happen!}

Anonymous said...

I'm late to the game, and just found your blog, but I love this idea.

I wish for a baby brother or sister for my son - MB

Anonymous said...

You are amazing for doing this.
I wish for God to bless us with the child my heart knows is suppose to be here-RY

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