Thursday, December 20, 2012

Secret Santa + ICLW

It is reveal day for Janna, Kelly and Tabitha's Secret Santa Gift Swap. 
First of all, I think I might've botched it up which doesn't surprise me at all.
I was secret santa to the lovely Kym at Travel Babbles. But I told her so in the package I sent...not realizing that I was supposed to wait until now to reveal. Oops! If you don't follow Kym, you should. She's a great writer and shares her adventures moving from city to city with her hockey-playing hubby. Drop by to see the gifts that I picked out for her.

My secret santa package just arrived yesterday in the knick of time for this link-up. 

Boy, did I get lucky! My santa was extremely good to me. Baking cookies is the best! I'm in love with my cute, new spatula and cookie cutters. Darling. Even though my santa didn't exactly tell me who she is, I applied my detective skills and figured it out.

My secret santa is the gorgeous Holly at Running in Stilettos. Thanks so much girl. I love my holiday cookie making kit, journal and Christmas tags. Despite the fact that you are hot not fat, your hair is brown not white and Grady, Kilah and Moxyn would make pretty rotten reindeer (although I would like to see them dressed up with antlers) still rock as Santa!

On anther note, tomorrow is the start of the December ICLW. If y'all are visiting from ICLW, thanks so much for stopping by. Here are some sections you might be interested in reading while you're deciding if you're just passing through or want to stick around for a while.

Hope you decide to follow my journey. Lord knows I need the support during my 1st IVF and I'd love to offer my support to you. Happy Holidays!


Pamela said...

Ohh, what a fun gift!! Love to bake!

Amber said...

I love doing secret Santa's! So much fun :)

Sending you lots of luck and best wishes as you begin your IVF!!

Holly said...

So glad you like it! Merry Christmas, doll face!! What's ironic is that Kym was my Secret Santa!

Holly said...

So glad you liked it! Merry Christmas, doll face! What's ironic is the Kym was my Secret Santa!

Helene said...

this is adorable!!! I love what you got!
Helene in Between

My-cliffnotes said...

Holly did soo good. I love the spatula, soo cute.
Thanks for linking up.

PS I love your header and so glad I found your blog through our swap.


Janna Renee said...

I told you that she would take good care of you and just in the nick of time! Yay! Thanks for participating, love! Glad we got to do two swaps together ;)

Lindsay said...

Love the baking stuff!!! So fun. :)

The Pitney Family said...

Hello, from ICLW. Such fun gifts.

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