Wednesday, December 26, 2012

off the grid and on drugs

Hope y'all had a great Christmas. 
Unfortunately, mine did not end well. I woke up this morning with a horribly sore, swollen throat, body aches, fever and runny nose. I'm hurting at the moment but can't really take anything. It is such a bummer to start my IVF cycle with a compromised immune system. But not much can be done about it.

My drugs arrived last week and I'll be taking my first Lupron shot tonight (um, actually in 30 minutes). Eeek. Hubby is at work so I'm on my own for injecting. I'm nervous but since I feel so crappy with this flu (or whatever I have)....I haven't been thinking about it too much.

And I'm also pretty much off the grid. Gone fishin'. Hiding out. Hibernating. Out of commission. Whatever you want to call it. 

It is really hard for me to say no. To work requests. To social gatherings. To anything, really. I'm a yes girl and try to do everything all the time. Although I have a lot of fun and usually feel accomplished, sometimes all of my activities and commitments leave me feeling tired and rundown. And I feel like I never have enough time to get everything done.

Someone once told me that even "good" stress is still stress. And that is the last thing I need during this cycle. So I'm reining myself in and going MIA. It has been going on for a few weeks now. It feels weird to come home and just be. I am always resisting the urge to get back on my computer and work in the evenings. Or I see my friends on Facebook at events that I would normally be at and get the urge to "go" and "do". This is different for me.

But I'm proud of myself. If there were ever a time to take care of myself, it is now. And that is what I intend to do. So what am I doing with all my free time?

Watching chick flicks and comedies. Reading. Walking. Meditating. Okay, not on a regular basis yet but I bought the Anji CDs and listened once so far. I liked it and will be listening more. I'm also reading books about positive thinking like The Traveler's Gift (which my friend Janna recommended). 
Getting weekly acupuncture treatments...which is supposed to improve IVF success by 17-25% depending on which article or study you refer to. If you're considering it, here is a list of some great articles about the benefits of acupuncture with fertility. I highly recommend it. 

And I've been doing a lot of cuddling with this guy. He always relaxes me.

What do you do to relax? 
Anything else I should add to my arsenal of relaxation techniques?


Terri Lynn Grothe said...

acupuncture is the best way for me to relax :) hope it works for you

Sarah said...

Ahhh! Good luck! I am sorry you are sick but I can't help feel so excited for the IVF :) Good idea going off the grid for a bit. How is it that you pretty much have all my fave movies lined up right there? If you are looking for another one "One True Thing" is one of my favorites of all time. Meryl streep and Renee Zellwegger (sp?) are in it. Feel better soon xo

Amber said...

I'm sorry you are not feeling well. Probably best that you are taking this time to rest so you can recover. I pretty much do the same things as you to relax: read, watch movies, listen to music.

lo @ crazy ever after said...

Hey! I will be thinking of you. I've never been down the IVF road, but am in the 2WW for my second IUI. There is absolutely nothing wrong with avoiding the hustle and bustle of the busy holiday season. I've been trying to keep a low profile too. We've had several options for NYE but as of right now I just want to stay home, which is completely uncharacteristic of me. I'm just trying to embrace it, rather than fight it.

Myrna Wilson said...

I wish you the best of luck on this cycle! Acupuncture was deeply relaxing during mine. Sitting next to my Christmas present after a long, long wait...a 9 lb, 13 oz little girl named Savannah born Dec 16th. :-)

Myers Family said...

Massages, pedicures, or even getting dolled up for a date with hubby helps me relax.

JenS said...

I should be starting my IVF cycle in about a week so I won't be too far off from you. It's so important to take care of yourself during this whole process. I have thought about getting a meditation CD so I am curious if you like it and if it seems to help. The only thing I would add to your arsenal is possibly yoga.

Alicia said...

Good for you Jessah! Absolutely take this time to chill and relax. Funny movies helped me through fertility treatments, as did my heating pad and trusty couch. Rooting for you!

Emily said...

I love that you are taking more time for yourself. You never may actually like it and want to be home more after this experience, especially since you'll be pregnant! :)

I REALLY like the Circle + Bloom guided visualization CD's. They make one specifically for IVF and are basically daily meditations that you can lie down and listen to to relax and visualize all the amazing things going on in your body. I would highly recommend checking them out!

I also loved the movie What To Expect When You're Expecting. I know some women struggling with infertility choose not to watch it, but I thought they did a fantastic job of presenting all aspects of TTC and pregnancy. It helps the couple who conceives easily is portrayed as super ignorant and annoying as well. They are a bit ridiculous, but hilarious at the same time.

Well have fun with your forced relaxation! I think you may just get hooked on it!

ThistleAshD said...

Enjoy those moments of relaxation. Not very often you get a good excuse to do just that. Although I have a hard time just sitting too :) my favorite is reading tho

Team Harries said...

Hope you get to feeling better! I've been thinking about trying acupuncture, just need to move forward with calling someone and doing it! Hope you enjoy it!

LWLH said...

Hope you feel better girl.

Sarah said...

YAY for starting meds! I start stims in 9 days and I'm getting excited. :) I'll be KMFX for you.

As for relaxing... I do yoga and meditation. A friend gave me a copy of circle and bloom awhile ago and I looove it so then another friend gave me a copy of circle and blooms meditation for IVF cycle- YAY!

The Pitney Family said...

I'm sorry that are sick. I have thought about trying accupuncture , but I'm not brave enough yet. We'll see what my tests results from today's blood work says first. Good luck this cycle.

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