Sunday, December 16, 2012

a magical evening

And on Day 3, we slept in. I think A might've had a hangover from his three drinks (he's such a lightweight). Once we got moving, we needed a big breakfast, stat. Just up the street in Chelsea, we found a little cafe called Grey Dog. The minute we walked in...I was smitten. It was quaint, bohemian, granola...just my kinda place. It reminded me of someplace you'd find in Santa Cruz.

After a ridiculous breakfast including an egg quesadilla, oatmeal with berries, almond milk lattes and morning glory muffins, we took the subway to the Metropolitan Museum of Art (or as the locals say, the Met). Neither of us are really into museums but wanted to see at least one while we were in NYC.
It was pretty amazing and filled with so much history. You could spend several days and still never see everything. We really enjoyed it.

This was the day of amazing food. After the Met, we found a world renowned organic, vegan restaurant called Candle 79. Seriously, some of the best food either of us have ever eaten. They have a cookbook that I've already purchased on Amazon which I highly recommend. 
Below are some of the entrees, beet salad, falafel sandwich with quinoa, red pepper hummus with roasted garlic and olives and the most amazing kale salad EVER. 

After our huge meal, we went to Wollman Ice Skating Rink in Central Park to burn some calories. I've always wanted to skate on this rink during the holidays with all of the lights shining down and the cityscape in the background. Ice skating, hand in hand with A on this brisk December evening under the stars, was by far my favorite moment of our trip. The night was magical. Literally.

Illegal shot. A almost got kicked off the rink as you aren't allowed to have cameras on the ice. And the boys from Brooklyn who work at the rink DO NOT mess around when it comes to breaking this rule.

On our walk back to the hotel after ice skating, we were lucky enough to stumble upon the Union Square Holiday Market. Red and white checkered tents featuring 150 art, gift, jewelry, and clothing vendors as well as crafts and food. We enjoyed walking around looking at all of the holiday treats and crafts the most.  

I bought this ornament at the market to commemorate our trip.

Since A hadn't seen Times Square at night (only in the morning), we took a stroll on our way back to our hotel. It was super crowded and was kind of a check it off the list kinda activity.

Do you ever have those magical evenings? 
The ones when you are exactly where you are supposed to be, with the person you are supposed to be with...just soaking in every sensation, every moment.
That was how this evening was for me.

(last NYC post will be up tomorrow)


ThistleAshD said...

Oh ice skating in central park! I think thats one of my favorite items on my bucket list!

Leslie Harris said...

Wow. The photos are all so alive with the sensations of NYC. I felt like I was there. I'm so happy for you, what a trip!
Leslie (aka Gwen Moss)

Kerry Louise said...

Ive always wanted to visit NYC.
Looks amazing, great photos.
Hi I'm a new follower from the monthly hop!
Look forward to reading more :)


Amber said...

Sounds like such a great day! I love the ornament. I do have a question though. Why don't they allow camera's on the ice rink?

Alicia said...

You are so sweet!

Holly said...

I haven't been to NYC in quite a few years and your reviews are so giving me the itch to just drop everything and go for a weekend! Love all the amazing photos!

rachel said...

The Union Square Holiday Market!!! I told you it was amazing! I am so happy you stumbled upon it and i am just loving ever bit of your NYC recap :)

kristina kenway said...

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