Thursday, November 8, 2012

It's On.

So, we had our IVF consult last week. 
Even though it was our second time sitting through the spiel, 
it was still overwhelming.

But we are moving forward.
Despite the heaps of consent forms, 
filled with frightening scenarios that can occur as a part of this procedure. 
And the fear of the things that we don't yet know that could result from taking all of the fertility drugs.

Who knows what we will learn 20 years from now.
People could look back at IVF patients and think what crazy lunatics we were for putting our bodies through something that could cause cancer or God knows what else. 

I'm supposed to start my next cycle on 11/15.
If I did the normal protocol and started birth control pills for 21 days, my retrieval would fall on Christmas Day.

Not ideal.
We really want to be with family on Christmas.
Plus, it is not easy for A to get off work on holidays.
My next natural cycle would put our retrieval during the one time during the year that our clinic's lab is closed for cleaning.

The cycle after that would put us into March which is so far away. 
So my doctor wants to manipulate the timing by putting me on a short cycle of birth control pills (like 17 days) to force a shorter cycle. I normally have 35 day cycles.
Then I would start the next cycle with the normal 21 day birth control protocol.
Then start stims after my that period.

If we go this route and everything goes as planned (which it never does), 
I'll be doing my retrieval around January 15th.
I'm a little uncomfortable with doing an extra short month of birth control pills and messing with my cycle more than I have to.

But both my doc and IVF coordinator have assured me that it won't negatively affect the IVF. 
The only thing we aren't certain about at this point is...
to PGD or not to PGD.

Dr. M recommends it.
But I'm just afraid of causing harm to the embryos and getting false abnormal readings. What if we go through all of this and most of the embryos come back abnormal and we have nothing to transfer? 
We just have to figure out what's right for us.

I trust my doctor but I also want to do my own research and be as informed as I can be.
So that's the update.

One last thing, if you know any good pharmacies that offer discounts on the IVF meds,
please let me know. 
Our insurance doesn't cover anything.


kendra kay said...

i have all my fingers (and even toes) crossed for you. i wish i knew of discount pharmacies-sometimes the dr. offices have special cards or coupons that will go for 6 months or so at a time- like a bayer savings card. maybe check to see if he has any or can get some from a drug rep. good luck!!!

Ashlee @ Laugh with Ash said...

I can only imagine what this experience is like for you. I hope everything goes well!

I found your blog on the Blog Walk today!! I'm happy to be following now.

Would love for you to visit me @

Shannon said...

We went through MDR and thought they were easy to use

Amanda said...

Aw girl I feel your pain! We struggled with the same thing! I'm praying for you!!! I am such a control freak that it was so hard to not want to go against what the doctors were saying but you just need to remember these are the people who are going to get you pregnant!!!! Keep your head up!

GoldenCityDreamer said...

This is awesome! Congrats!

We're counting down the days (and lbs) that we can get our IVF started! December 2013!

Katie said...

i know there are so many emotions that go into that meeting and planning. They had to manipulate my cycle on birth control too for two of my ivf's and everything with my period and the retrieval went fine. it is hard to trust your dr. but I think you just have to say you're just going to trust him and go it in believing that he is making the best choice. and I don't even know if this is allowed or would be the right meds but I have some left over medicine from my last few cycles that don't expire for awhile and I haven't used. I know everyone is on different things, and don't know if it's a possibility but I would send them to you!

Emily said...

Hi Jessah!

I'm an Oregonian and I've currently been researching IVF (costs mainly). I swear I read that in CA it's a law that that your insurance cover at least a portion of IVF? I distinctly remember thinking "if only we hadn't moved...." Anyway- I figured it's worth throwing out there:) It sounds like you're in the right head-space for this journey and THANK YOU for being so open- it is helpful to those of us who can not speak about our own fertility challenges because it is just too painful....


Lisa said...

I've never commented on your blog but have read for some time. I thought I'd put your mind at ease... I was on bcps for a shortened period which manipulated my cycle for the same reasons - timing. The good news is my IVF worked and I'm nearly 15 weeks pregnant. So believe what they say - it was definitely the case for us :) Good luck! I'll be following along!

Mrs. H said...

I have a list of places. Too long to write here so I'll email them to you. Good luck hon!

LWLH said...

Will be thinking about you during this time girl and wishing you the best of luck.

Toni Rapp said...

It could turn out to be the best Christmas present ever :) I am excited that the time is near.

Mariel Collins said...

Sending lots of prayers your way:)

Lauren said...

I'm sure the whole protocol and all the drugs seem very daunting at the beginning. I can hardly remember what I was feeling about them 4 years ago when I found out about our infertility. But if it makes you feel any better, once you do it once it just seems like a normal part of life. I have a hard time remembering (and believing) that most people DON'T have to inject themselves and have tubes stuck through their cervix in order to get pregnant.

Good luck!!

Seagull said...

First - that is so exciting you had your IVF consult. You are moving forward and that is awesome! Second, i dont think it's a big deal to be on BCPs for long - most women on medicated cycles are & having ER on 12/25 is just not ideal! Third, every thing i have heard from PGD is that it's worth it. We would have done it but it's an extra $6,000 and we decided not to. As far as pharmacies, there are some online ones that offer discounts but we ended up using a local one b/c it was cheaper and easier to control when i picked up drugs. One piece of advice i learned: Don't buy ALL the drugs in one fell swoop - by them as you go. it's more to manage but REs always order more than you'll need and if you are OOP you'll end buying drugs you won't even use. I paced my purchases every few days and didn't have any extra - saved myself over $1,000.

GL! I'm excited for you!

TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

As always, you have the support of the many friends you are surrounded by. I am pulling for you and absolutely want it to ALL work for you. Keep your chin up (even thought it's probably tough) and remember you're a fighter. There's nothing anyone can say or do to help (you've said), but just know - I wish there was!! You have my support, prayers, and love.

jennsastar said...

i can only imagine the emotions and thoughts going through your head right now! hang in there! we are all rooting for you!

Recently Roached said...

Praying for you. I know that stuff isn't cheap or easy emotionally. I hope God answers your prayers and provides you a little miracle :)

Design_Fluff said...

I have never gone through the process, myself. I do believe that you are incredibly brave to be going through this, not stupid. I think it's a very beautiful thing!



Melanie Schultz said...

im so excited for you!!!!! Sending prayers, hugs and good vibes your way!!!

Whitney@SomethingBroughtYouHere said...

Been there girl. When we did IVF we did not do PGD. I know it is totally personal preference but I felt like that was only one more thing to worry about and really all we wanted was a child. :) Also, terribly sorry your insurance doesn't cover! That totally sucks. I don't have any suggestions on pharmacies because we had to use the one that my insurance did cover. Even with insurance covering them I know how expensive they are...yikes. Prayers & Thoughts! When we did my IVF cycle we had to manipulate my cycles because I wasn't have ANY so I wouldn't worry about that part too much. Trust the doctors! :)

Alicia said...

Good luck! Exciting and scary, I know. But you are on your way!

Heather Gwinup said...

Love you, J! Praying for you all the time! xoxo Heather

makeyourownluckblog said...

That's exciting you have a date set and it will be nice to not have to deal with any of that around Christmas time. My insurance didn't cover anything either and I went through Freedom Fertility Pharmacy, their prices were not too bad. I actually ended up stimming for a few extra days and ran out of medication and had to go to a local specialty pharmacy and it was a LOT more expensive. Costco and walgreens had really good prices on the meds I needed for transfer.

amberlynn said...

I'm a new follower! Good luck with your upcoming cycle!

Leanne said...

I had my retrieval and transfer right around christmas last year too. I was on 4 days of bedrest right after the transfer, which was difficult to do cause it was the holidays and I wasn't sick! I dont know of any discounted places to get IVF meds. I think I went through "Freedom Pharmacy". All I can remember is that if you purchase X amount of injectables, you get like 900 units free....or something like that.
I"m thinking about going back to do it all over again this spring....for a sibling. I love reading your blog. I"m all to familiar with everything :-) I"ll be thinking about you and I am keeping my fingers crossed!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessah, I've been reading your blog for a while, but this is my first comment. I'm so excited for you to start IVF!

My DH and I did our first cycle in September (I was diagnosed with dimished ovarian reserve at age 30). know it's intimidating at first (I was shaken when I got my box of meds) but I kept reminding myself that I had never been closer to having a baby and once we started stimming, I was amazed at my own strength. And before I knew it, I was crying at finally seeing my BFP! So stay positive and trust in your doctor. I didn't always know why my RE made certain decisions, but I told myself I just wouldn't worry about it because he was the expert.

Something else I did was to put together an IVF care package - I got a bunch of things like magazines, new PJs, lotions and scrubs, nail polish to help keep my mood up and watched a lot of comedies. It helped keep my mind off of things!

Anyways, I will be praying for you and your DH and cannot wait to hear the news!!! HUGS!!!


Kara said...

Jessah, Just found you through Emily's blog. I am also currently going through IVF. Tomorrow is my last birth control pill and then we stims on the 27th. I've never been so nervous or more excited for something in my entire life!

I ordered my meds from Freedom Fertility and price compared the cost of quite a few of local and out of country pharmacies. Our insurance doesn't cover anything either :-( It cost us $3200 for the meds. Ouch! Freedom Fertility was the cheapest I found in the stated and in Europe was about $1,000 cheaper...but there were some concerns I had with ordering overseas.

Keeping everything crossed for you that this time will pass quickly and you will know the right decisions for your family. There are SO many decisions to make during this process. Don't let it overwhelm you! Can't wait to follow your amazing journey to your baby! I'll be adding you to my prayer list :-)

~ Hugs,

Amber said...

Timing our cycles to match our life can be so difficult! I wouldn't want to do retrieval on Christmas day either!

My insurance doesn't cover any aspect of IVF what-so-ever so if you find a discount pharmacy I would love to know about it! However, I DO know that you can get a coupon for follistim if you are using that in your protocol. There are also coupons for Crinone. Ask your RE or nurse about it. I got the coupons from my nurse at the clinic.

Good luck!

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