Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Guest Post: Midwest Girl Gone West Coast

Hi there!
Happy Thursday.
Right after my shameless plug, you'll be hearing from one of my blogger turned real-life friends, Tiffany from Blabbering Thoughts.

I had the pleasure to meet Tiff while I was in Fresno for work. She is such a sweetheart. A warm, genuine person and someone that you'll definitely want to become friends with (blog friends or otherwise). 

Without further ado, insert shameless plug here.
Shameless Plug: 
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Now we can get to the important's Tiff.

When I say Midwest what do you think of? Do you think Indiana? I am guessing no. I am not quite sure why Indiana is considered the "midwest" but I like it. Now that you know I am from Indiana I bet you are wondering where I live now... I live in California.. You know that over glorified state that is beautiful but yet in debt up to their ears? Yeah that place.. I live there. But I don't live on the "coast" I live in the valley.

I come from a cornfield.. Seriously, I grew up in a cornfield... Okay I am joking but I lived next to like 5 cornfields. I love when people I meet out here ask where I am from & I say.. Indiana.. And they give me this blank stare like.. Right.. I do not know where that is.. Somewhere East. You know a lot of Californians consider Indiana East Coast? I am like whoa did you not have geography in 5th grade? Because I did. Anyway - No one knows anything about Indiana except it snows. Yes, it does.. In the winter time but in the summer time it doesn't. It's scorching & it's humid. I love Indiana. I love being a Hoosier. I love being Red & White. I love Indy Car. This sign is who I am.. Or at this point who I was.

But now, I am apart of California. I've been here for over 2 whole years. Say whaaaa?

I never thought California would be my home. When I grew up.. In the 3rd grade I requested a newspaper from Long Beach, California.. Little did I know I'd live in California but definitely not in an overpriced crowded city. I am very bitter towards the big cities. Of course they've got great views, but the weather. It sucks. I mean I like to be on fire in the summer time. Plus all those coastal cities are soooooo traffic-y. I want to punch myself in the face every time I get on one of their highways.

OKAY but this post is about me moving west & instead I am just rambling. I moved west 2 years ago with my daughter to be with her daddy. He is an air traffic controller & Fresno, California is where he got placed I guess you could say. So now we are here. At first the city is blah, it's a new town.. Don't know a lot of people. It's hard. 

I am slowly meeting people. I miss my family like crazy but it made me grow as a person & it helped our family tremendously. 

So here is my point.. You need to visit California. Not just for the LA/Hollywood/Disneyland/San Diego/San Francisco.. There are other places here you know.

You need to see Yosemite. I am not a nature girl but I love me some mountains. 

You need to drive down Highway 1 to Big Sur. Did I say breathtaking already? Okay, these views are impeccable

Plus did I mention that Vegas is just a short trip away. Yeah Vegas. I don't like to party... I don't like to gamble.. But this place is BOMB. Just saying. 



Toni Rapp said...

I lived in California for a few years back in late 80's. I have to say I wasn't a big fan. Although I do love Yosemite and Big Bear Mountains. Beautiful pics.

Amber Young said...

We just came back from our vacay in Cali. We drove Highway 1 and took similar photos -- umbelieveable place. Just glad we were headed North...I couldn' take going South in he passenger seat! :)

Esther Davison said...

Dear Jessah,
I found your blog through Tiffany's. I'm a new follower and I'm looking forward to your future posts and getting caught up on some older ones. Tiffany shared some great photos and I'm gonna need to do the same. Esther Norine Designs

Erica Franks said...

Fab pictures!

Hey Jessah, Just wanted to let you know that I got that size ad up if you want to grab it. :)


kendra kay said...

welcome to cali-well, i guess my welcome is a few years too late but welcome anyway! :) isn't the coast bee-you-tiful??!! oh, and yes, that quick trip to vegas makes many many fun memories!!

Kelly Ann said...

These photos are stunning and I love guest posts!

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