Saturday, July 28, 2012

my buoy

I've never really been a runner. In fact, I kind of hated running until recently. About a month ago, when life felt incredibly difficult to deal with, I laced up my sneakers and started running. I ran and ran until my emotions were drained and I didn't feel quite so bad. My mind cleared. My troubles didn't seem insurmountable. I felt pretty good. In fact, I felt happy despite my circumstances.

The next day, when I started to feel blue again...I went for another run. And then again the next day and the day after that. Then I realized that I had ran for 9 days straight. A habit had formed. Running had become something I looked forward to and even missed when I skipped it. Running was helping me cope with the craziness in the world and manage the stress in my life.

A suggested that I train for a race. Yikes. At first, I said "no way could I ever run that far". But a seed had been planted. After doing some research on half marathons, I decided to register for the Tinkerbell Half Marathon in January which weaves through Disneyland. So was already sold out. Almost 6 months before the race!

Luckily, I found the City to the Sea Half Marathon that I'm registered for and am so excited to run. The race starts in San Luis Obispo and ends in Pismo Beach. It's in October when the weather is usually very nice so we're going to make a weekend trip of it. Also, a few friends decided to join me so I'll have company.

Week One of my training ends tomorrow. It wasn't bad at all. Hopefully it remains this easy over the next 11 weeks. But I doubt that will be the case. Today I ran 5.5 miles and it was a cake walk. But 13.1 just seems unfathomable. Guess that is what the training is for.

Running is my buoy. It has been keeping me afloat lately. How do you cope when life threatens to pull you under?


M said...

Congrats on (just about) finishing week one of your training! I also run when giving me lemons. I started running last year after my first miscarriage and although I'm not fast I found it such a great way to clear my mind, and much healthier than drinking mind erasers! I was just cleared the other day to start running again, but after an 8 month hiatus I'm not sure how it's going to go. Last year I stuck with 5K's, and this year I want to start training for a half marathon. Good luck!

Becky said...

I have a love/hate relationship with running. My longest run has only been 3 miles, and many people I talk to say you really have to push past that before you can get into "the zone" where you get a runner's high. 5.5 miles is SUPER impressive, great job! I can't imagine 13 miles, that will be such a huge accomplishment! Good luck with your training!

L said...

I am not a runner but I have taken up the habit for a few weeks at a time and you're right, the is nothing better to clear your head then a good run and a lot of sweat. Glad you're finding something to motivate you and help you cope with these difficult times.

Anonymous said...

Running is my rock. It lifts me up with life gets tough and gives me something to focus my energy on when I want to forget about certain harships in life. I love how running makes me feel - happy, alive and grateful.

This is my first comment on your blog but when I read about how you have added running in your life to help you cope, I knew this was my time to comment. Your strength is so encouraging, and I know you will have tremendous personal success training for and completing this half marathon. I have run several myself and run almost daily, and I will never forget the feeling of accomplishment and happiness when I finished that first half marathon.

Good luck in your training and I hope that running can continue to provide you with some comfort like it has to me.

DandelionBreeze said...

Well done... I've only just discovered running and the peace that it can bring. I'm nowhere near running a marathon but trying to work up to 5km... your idea of training towards something has inspired me to find something now to work towards. Looooove the idea of the run through Disneyland :)) xoxo

Rhonda said...

I was always a runner and now I am taking it up again. Dealing with secondary infertility and all that life is tossing my way I needed an outlet. It's amazing to just lace the sneaks and run.

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