Thursday, April 12, 2012

Back at it

Dear A,

Your injuries are healed and your itchin' to get back on the horse. I get that. But I worry about you doing this crazy sport. It's times like these when I ask myself why I didn't marry someone who loves golf...or chess. Seriously, though. Good luck in your race this weekend. Hope you have fun, win and most importantly...come home in one piece.

Your biggest fan


DandelionBreeze... aka NYMum said...

Wow... that certainly does look exciting :)) My husband badly twisted his wrist in a golf competition, so no need to worry about converting him to golf !! :) xo

Court said...

Wow. Why do boys have to have scary hobbies? I hope he does well this weekend!

Feisty Mama said...

That is awesome!! My husband races Motocross and Enduro here in Montana. And our 9 year old daughters just started last year. :) Good Luck to him on his race and I know how you are feeling I wonder to myself all the time why I didn't marry someone who golfs too!

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