Friday, March 16, 2012

Freebie Friday

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Call me superficial but I love getting pretty little shopping bags containing shiny, new things. And when the items are free or practically free, it makes the experience even better. This is why I open store credit cards. For rewards. And free stuff.

Yesterday was a busy, stressful day with gloomy weather so I decided to wander across the street to the mall after work. Because I'm such a loyal customer (i.e. I spend way too much money in the stores), I received a couple of freebie coupons from Victoria's Secret and Express.

I looked around each store and picked out a few items that brightened my day. They were pink and reminded me of Spring. An hour later, I walked out of the mall with my freebies feeling footloose and fancy free. Shopping and freebies ROCK!

shiny, pink bags

lace panty from Victoria's Secret PINK collection

racer back sequin tank from Express


Page Twenty-Two said...

Love these freebies!! I'm with you - nothing better than a retail therapy on a gloomy day:) Always lifts the spirits!

Rebecca said...

I love freebies.

Mrs. H said...

I love free!!! Lol! Love the racer back tank. Super cute!

EmHart said...

Ooh, pretty bits and bobs. I love treats.

ADSchill said...

I don't wear thongs, but I love that tank! Go you!

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