Monday, March 5, 2012

40 before 40

Inspired by my good friend Tracy at Then I Got To Thinking..., I created a 40 before 40 list (hers is 30 before 30, but I'm a little older). It feels so good to have my goals written down. I'm so excited to start checking things off and experiencing new things. My 35th birthday is in May so I'll have about 5 years to complete this list.

There are a few goals that I can't control like having a baby. But I have faith that God will help me achieve everything on this list and so much more.

Here's my list:

1. Have a baby
2. Take photography classes
3. Go trekking in a rainforest
4. Swim with dolphins
5. Get featured in the media for an achievement that I'm proud of
6. Fly a kite with my grandmother
7. Start a social movement on a cause I believe in
8. Fly first class
9. Change the world in some small way
10. Tell my loved ones (at least once) how much they mean to me
11. Visit Yosemite
12. Surprise A with an unplanned vacation Santa Cruz
13. Throw out and replace half of my wardrobe
14. Ice Skating in Central Park
15. Paint and organize my closet
16. Do yoga on the beach at sunrise
17. Experience a hot air balloon ride
18. Give my blog a makeover About the facelift 
19. Plant a garden and nurture it
20. Scan and organize my family photos
21. Travel throughout Europe
22. Run a half marathon City to the Sea
23. Buy and wear a pair of ballet flats
24. Decorate a nursery in my house
25. Go to a blogger meetup Sac Blogger Meet & Greet
26. Volunteer (regularly) at a horse rescue
27. Win an ADDY award with my new agency
28. Go on a wellness retreat
29. Buy horse property
30. Organize all of my jewelry
31. Throw or attend a tea party Mother's Day
32. Juice fast for 5 days in a row
33. Make at least one recipe from each cookbook I own
34. Have breakfast at Tiffany's (and bring home a little blue box)
35. Send someone a surprise in the mail
36. Go kayaking
37. Achieve financial abundance with my passion
38. Be a mentor to someone
39. Plant a tree and watch it grow
40. Take a cooking class

Have you made a list of your goals for the next few years?

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Valerie Griffin said...

great list!

Good Timing said...

What a fabulous idea! You have so many great things on your list and I think you can definitely achieve them all. Can't wait to see them being crossed off! :)

p.s. I am glad my story has given you hope. :)

(In)fertility Unexplained said...

What a great list. I hope you keep us updated on your progress! (You know, in addition to the first item.)

newbie said...

That's a great list - I would love to make a list like that but I'm so scared that I will not complete any of it and then will feel like a loser. But you've given me food for thought...

I wish you all the best in meeting these goals, particularly #1!

Shannon Elise said...

Great list Jess! Get busy! xo

Lindsay said...

Love this!! Especially since so many of the things would provide a healthy distraction...good luck!!

Heather said...

Great idea!

EmHart said...

Oooh, I love this idea. I think I will make one. This is my first stop by your blog and I will certainly be back. I love your list, I hope you get it all done!

Kristin said...

love your list!!

Heather said...

This is a great idea. I want to do it, but I'm scared that I can't complete them all in 4 years and 2 months. Yikes! You have so many on your list that I would definitely have on mine too!
Thanks for your comment on my blog and for following! I'm following you now too! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

It's Christie. I love your list. I am wishing you good thoughts that they all come to fruition. There are a few that I have on my list and would love to join you on if you want. Gina and I were talking about doing a wellness retreat this year, so let's do that. And I also want to be more involved with doing good on the social causes front. What do you think about starting book club-like groups called "girlfriends for good" or for good causes. The name isn't so important as it is to recognize how important good girlfriends are and how much we could do if a component of our fun time together was spent giving back to others. Let me know what you think, and let's talk soon. xoxo, Christie

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