Monday, July 21, 2014

i'm officially PUPO!!!!

i've always hated that expression but i see why it exists.
PUPO (pregnant until proven otherwise). it exists because as an infertile, you gotta take what you can get. and by golly, if you have a live embryo transferred into your uterus. you ARE pregnant….until proven otherwise. not "in limbo until proven pregnant". that would suck.

SDFC doesn't recommend bed rest after a transfer. they basically said to go about my daily activities on the day of the transfer and days following. doctor just doesn't want me lifting more than 20 lbs.

so what did i do post-transfer to celebrate my first day of being PUPO?

1. dine at my favorite restaurant. 
i had some delicious watermelon lemonade, scrumptious salads and chia seed pudding. 
healthy, yummy fuel for my baby.

2. go shopping for baby sunshine. 
my mom and i found a baby boutique in hillcrest called style child. we allowed ourselves two little gifts to commemorate transfer day. a onesie that was too perfect to pass up and cute book about california. oh ya…and that is me pushing out my bloated hormonal stomach pretending like i have a baby bump. 

3. brainstorm baby names. 
one of the added benefits of doing PGS at SDFC is that they disclose the sex of your embryos if you want to know. i'm not going to share the gender of this embryo just yet (i'll save that for another post). but since we know, my mom and i laid around looking at baby name websites. we jotted down some faves for consideration by A.

i've never felt this much hope before. it surges through my heart and soul. the feeling i have now is love. i already love this embryo. it feels like i'm already carrying my baby and it is a part of me.

i believe in this baby.
i can't even curb my enthusiasm and faith. 
baby sunshine, please be here to stay. 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

the transfer

i got the call a few hours before arriving at the clinic with the results from our PGS testing. we have 10 normal embryos. one being transferred and nine frozen. hallelujah! this whole cycle still feels like a dream.

unfortunately, A had to work and wasn't able to join me for the transfer. he flew to san diego for the egg retrieval to give his "contribution" but had to get back home. but my mom and A's mom were both in the room for my transfer. they were a great source of support and encouragement. 

it was surreal laying on that table and actually having a normal embryo transferred into my uterus. to realize that i finally have a shot real shot at getting pregnant. and of course, i couldn't help but say a silent prayer for k and her amazing gift. we are incredibly blessed.

the actual transfer was pretty quick. i felt some mild discomfort when dr. k (dr. h was on vacay) was inserting the catheter. but i was too mesmerized by the monitor to be bothered. it was truly a miracle watching the doctor push our embryo through the catheter into the lining of my uterus. the emotions that i felt made my heart swell. i love this baby already. i hope and pray that baby sunshine is cozy and decides to stick around for the next 9 months.

our embryo is in the fluid that appears as white spots near the arrow

Friday, July 18, 2014

our baby blasts

first of all, thank you for all of the well wishes for k. she is doing great.
also, thank y'all for your prayers for our embryos. i don't know where i'd be without all of your love and support. 

this is already such a different cycle. i'm not used to these high numbers. if you recall my cycles were: (IVF #1) cancelled due to no response to stims, (IVF #2) 7 eggs retrieved, 4 fertilized and 0 normal embryos to transfer, (IVF #3) 8 eggs retrieved, 3 fertilized, 0 normal embryos to transfer. knowing i am doing IVF with fertile eggs this time gives me so much more hope that i will actually make it to a transfer.

here's the haps with our 23 fertilized embryos.

day 2
embryos dividing and usually have between 2 & 4 cells
embryology called with a very good report: (3) embryos at 5 cells, (11) embryos at 4 cells, (9) embryos at 2 cells.

day 3
embryos should continue development and have between 4 & 8 cells.
embryology called to say that we have (3) embryos at 10 cells {my overachievers}, (12) embryos at 8 cells, (2) embryos at 7 cells, (2) embryos at 6 cells, (3) embryos at 5 cells and (1) embryo at 4 cells. all embryos are good/fair quality with minimal fragmentation.

day 4
embryos should begin compacting and forming morulae.
embryology called to tell us that 7 completed morulae stage. 10 are beginning to form morulae. the other 6 are lagging behind.

day 5
embryos should be at blastocyst stage.
we have 17 embryos that made it to blastocyst for PGS (genetic screening). they were biopsied and sent to the Genesis lab in Arizona for testing. results come back in the morning right before the day 6 transfer. 

holy moly…17 made it and now hoping for lots of normals!!! 
this cycle is truly remarkable.

about PGS
my hubby doesn't ask for much on this bumpy road to baby that we've been on for almost 6 years. but he has asked every time we've done IVF that we do PGS (pre-genetic screening) to test for genetic abnormalities in the embryos because he wants the best chance of having a healthy child. i spoke to our doctor about whether it was a waste of money since we are using an egg donor.

dr. h said he doesn't think it is a waste of money at all because even using an egg donor, it is likely that 1/3 of the embryos will be abnormal. he said that he thinks a few years from now, performing PGS on embryos will be the standard of care with IVF. while it doesn't increase pregnancy rates, it does decrease miscarriage rate substantially because you aren't transferring abnormal embryos with no chance of viability. 

since we burned through all of our savings on our previous IVF cycles, we had to take out 3 different loans to pay for this donor cycle. i figured we'll be paying off debt forever anyways…why not reduce our risk of miscarriage and grant hubby the one thing he asked for in this cycle. so all 17 embryos are being tested for genetic abnormalities. 

i'll update on the results and transfer tomorrow….

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