Monday, February 23, 2015

a plea to my unborn child

hello baby sunshine.
it's mama.

today, at 36 weeks and 5 days, i found out some news about you.
they tell me that you're already trying to do things your own way. trying to be unique and different. the doctor told me that you are trying to enter this world - feet first.

that's right. you are breech.
only 3% of babies are born breech. the other 97% are born conventionally - with their heads first.

i know you are cozy and comfy just right where you are and you probably want to do this your way. but mama needs you to turn around and just this one time….be a conformist.

tomorrow morning, the doctor is going to try to turn you around manually. sounds scary, i know. i feel the same way. she's going to give mama some medicine and then apply external pressure to mama's tummy placing her hands on your head and bottom to try to coax you to change positions. it is called an external cephalic version or version, for short.

it's going to be quite uncomfortable for mama and you won't enjoy it either. but please just let her roll you over, baby. it's really important. it will be safer for you and mama. 

if you don't change positions, it is likely that the doctor will need to cut mama's tummy open to get you out….and i don't think either of us want that. mama has gone to great lengths to bring you into the world with as few interventions as possible. i chose a hospital that promotes natural childbirth and has a birthing tub. daddy and i hired a doula to help mama labor naturally as long as possible to give you the best possible entrance into this world. 

we don't want to throw that all away now for a drug induced c-section,
do we? no, i don't think so either. 

so tomorrow is a big day, my baby boy. versions are successful 60% of the time. i'm hoping we are in that 60%. so baby, please listen to your mama and cooperate with the doctor. i love you so much and just want you to arrive in my arms as safely as possible.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

breakfast at tiffany's baby shower

back in november, my best friend S threw a baby shower for me to celebrate baby sunshine. i've just now finally got all of my photos edited so i can share them. S hosted the party at my mom's house. it was a breakfast at tiffany's theme so all of the ladies wore black dresses and their favorite gems. i had several people tell me that it was the most elegant baby shower they've ever attended. 

breakfast at tiffany's is one of my all-time favorite movies. i love audrey hepburn. when we were in new york a few years ago, hubby and i got coffee and pastries and walked the tiffany's window display. my very own breakfast at tiffany's moment. 

i've been blessed to be showered with love by so many amazing ladies.
me with my best friend since high school, S
let me take you on a tour of the party. 
these were the invitations ordered from etsy
the theme was woven into every touch point...even the front door.

the decor was breathtaking. 

there were a few other special touches contributed by sweet friends.

my blogger friend Amira from shades of gray designs signs for baby showers that she sells in her etsy shop. She donated the sign (pictured below) to encourage party attenders to post their pictures on Instagram and Facebook using the hashtag #babysunshineshower. 

hint: if you attended the shower, you can still post your pictures using that hashtag and see pictures that others posted. 

my friend P, owner of cookie mama cookies, couldn't attend my shower so she donated fresh baked, custom designed cookies as party favors. her cookies were both darling and delicious. 

and the other party favors…

pearl hair pins and a candle in this darling box. my mom was in charge of the favors and she outdid herself. 

me and my mama

honestly, it was such a special day. one that i will never forget and cherish always. but even more than the theme, decor and amazing food…it was the people that made the day so unforgettable. it was a reminder of how blessed i am to have so many fantastic women in my life...who've all supported and cheered for me on this journey to baby.

my stella and dot dealer L who loaned me the divine jewels that i'm wearing
our friends H and J. special thanks to J who took many of the pictures in this post

working women meetup group friends
book club gals and best friend from 3rd grade 

old roommate, high school friends and my dancing buddy
my college girlfriends who travelled across the state to celebrate with me

my aussie meetup friend
my industry friend D
mom and auntie J (my future step-sister in law)
special thanks to R for helping out with my gifts

P and A who I love dearly

my sweet friend kissing baby sunshine and now she's pregnant too
one of my biggest TTC cheerleaders from aussie meetup group
it was so amazing to have so many great friends in one place to celebrate this special little man that i am carrying. thank you so much, S. i loved my baby shower so much. 

Sunday, February 8, 2015

baby sunshine's nursery reveal

we moved into our house six years ago. at that time, we replaced flooring, painted and decorated to make it our home. the only room we didn't touch is the one that we were planning to use for the nursery. the family who built our house used this room for their little girl because it has great lighting and a nice size closet.

we decided, until our baby arrives, that room would become the "junk room" or "dog's room". year after year, i'd walk by that room and see the scuffed up pale pink walls, broken mini blinds and old bed that the dog slept on. seeing that room would make me sad. it would remind me of what was missing in our lives. and it was an eye sore compared to the rest of our house. 

needless to say, finally decorating the baby's nursery was so special for me. therapeutic almost. it means that we are finally fulfilling our dream. we are growing our family and welcoming a new little person in our home. 

getting the nursery ready for baby was truly a team effort. my dear friend and neighbor T painted the room. my mom finished all of the touch up painting. my hubby put together the crib. my aunt gave design advice, painted his dresser/changing table (I bought it second hand), hung all of his pictures, window coverings and shelf…and put together the bookcase. and many of the items shown were gifts for our boy from dear friends and family. thank you to everyone who contributed to this beautiful, safe haven for our baby.

now that shabby, unfinished room is my favorite room in the house.

the theme for baby sunshine's nursery is "california dreams". the grey and white give the nursery a dreamlike feel. the collage of wall signs add a splash of color and were inspired by crafty Katie at Just Add Sunshine Inc on instagram. all of the signs in his room are dream or california related. the california sign with a heart on san diego (to signify where our baby boy was conceived) was a gift from her shop which i will cherish always. 

 it is a dream come true for us to welcome this baby boy into our lives. 
his room is ready for his arrival.

all photos were taken by the talented Lindsey at The Joy Archival
to see more of her amazing work, follow her on instagram

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