Wednesday, March 4, 2015

the time i fell and landed on my baby...

so i've been making a habit of spending quality time with the L&D nurses at the hospital where i'll be delivering baby sunshine. 

in addition to my weekly OB appts, i've been admitted into L&D for monitoring, stress tests or other concerns once per week for the past 5 weeks of my pregnancy.

week 33 - migraine and contractions
week 34 - shortness of breath, increased blood pressure and swelling in my legs and feet
week 35 - severe dehydration from stomach flu
week 36 - external cephalic version
week 37 - fell and landed on my abdomen

yep, week 37 was a doozie. 
on monday, i went to my OB appt in the morning. keep in mind that the hospital that i'm delivering at is about an hour drive (each way). so two hours round trip. after my appt, i stopped at the grocery store a few blocks from my house to pick up a few things. i had some trash in my car that i was throwing away before walking into the store. one of the wrappers blew out of my hand onto the ground. i didn't want to litter so i started walking and bent over to pick it up. and boom…next thing i know i hit the ground and felt the impact in my abdomen. 

it was a bad combo…
my equilibrium being off because i'm so front-heavy, the curb tapering down and wearing my mom's uggs (which are two sizes too big for me) because my feet and legs are so swollen they're the only shoes that fit on my feet. 

thankfully i was able to brace myself somewhat as my hands, right forearm and right knee are bruised and scraped up. that tells me that i at least took some of the impact away from my stomach when it hit the ground. 

but i was a mess. 
in tears. on the ground of the parking lot in front of the store. panicked that i hurt the baby. a nice man who was driving through the parking lot when i practically fell in front of his vehicle was the first to jump out of his car and help me. a store clerk called 911. and the ambulance came. 

the minutes that i was laying on the ground assessing how i felt and waiting for the baby to move or kick were the longest ever. finally once i was on the gurney and in the back of the ambulance, the baby start kicking and they were the best, most reassuring kicks i've ever felt. 

at that point, i felt like baby boy was fine. but i still went back to L&D at the hospital to get the baby on the monitor and make sure everything was okay. i just needed peace of mind. the midwife said that he looked perfect and "his strip looks textbook, exactly what they want to see when they look at a baby's heart rate." such a huge relief. 

although i'm in love with the nursing staff who've been so kind to me these past few weeks, i'm really hoping to stay out of L&D until baby boy is ready to make his appearance.

Friday, February 27, 2015

we made it | 37 weeks

baby is now considered full-term. if he comes anytime after this point, his internal organs are developed enough to function outside the womb and he should thrive. wonderful news to reach this point in the pregnancy. it is so crazy to me that i will finally be a mama in about 20 days. i feel incredibly blessed.

weight | wowzers…. 
i've increased 31 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight and i swear 10 lbs. of it is water retention. 

size of baby | about the size of a wintermelon (which i have no idea what that is)
…20 inches and 7 pounds. the doctor says she doesn't think the baby is too big but we'll see.

gender | a baby boy. 
i totally feel like this is the season of little boys. almost everyone i know who's either just had a baby or is pregnant, they are all having baby boys. it's exciting though to know that my lil man will have so many playmates. 

movement | my little baby listened to his mama. 
with relative ease, the doctor was able to flip him into a head-down position earlier this week. he was breech so doc recommended a version to turn him and it worked! yay. now we're just hoping he doesn't revert back to breech which happens in about 7% of successful versions. 

fun fact | it's almost time for poop. 
yep. baby sunshine is getting ready for his first sticky #2 called meconium. 

sleep | i've actually been sleeping better than i was about 7 weeks ago. 
the pain in my back and under my right rib that was keeping me awake at night has subsided. thank goodness.

exercise | i'm proud of myself when i can waddle around the park at the pace of a 90 year old woman more than one time per day. i know, it is pretty pathetic. but i am trying to keep moving even if it is the tiniest bit of exercise. 

maternity clothes | i'm not taking too many bump shots these days because i live in my pajamas. yep. nothing glamorous going on around here. it is entirely too much trouble to dress myself and forget putting on my socks and shoes without assistance. so pjs it is. 

symptoms | my biggest symptom these days is edema. and i never thought this would happen to me. but it did. everything below the waist is quite puffy and uncomfortable. i try to keep hydrated to reduce the swelling but it's really hard. last week, i was admitted into L&D for dehydration following 3 days of severe stomach flu. they gave me two bags of IV fluids which helped stop the contractions that i was having. but i haven't still quite recovered in terms of feeling hydrated. 

best part of the week | my baby turning head down and finishing up my last days of work before i go on maternity leave. it will be nice to focus 100% on taking care of myself and getting ready for baby's arrival. 

worst part of the week | the actual physical process of moving our boy out of his breech position. it was not fun at all. but i'm glad its over and went well. 

what hubby is looking forward to | being off work with me and the baby once our lil guy makes his appearance.

Monday, February 23, 2015

a plea to my unborn child

hello baby sunshine.
it's mama.

today, at 36 weeks and 5 days, i found out some news about you.
they tell me that you're already trying to do things your own way. trying to be unique and different. the doctor told me that you are trying to enter this world - feet first.

that's right. you are breech.
only 3% of babies are born breech. the other 97% are born conventionally - with their heads first.

i know you are cozy and comfy just right where you are and you probably want to do this your way. but mama needs you to turn around and just this one time….be a conformist.

tomorrow morning, the doctor is going to try to turn you around manually. sounds scary, i know. i feel the same way. she's going to give mama some medicine and then apply external pressure to mama's tummy placing her hands on your head and bottom to try to coax you to change positions. it is called an external cephalic version or version, for short.

it's going to be quite uncomfortable for mama and you won't enjoy it either. but please just let her roll you over, baby. it's really important. it will be safer for you and mama. 

if you don't change positions, it is likely that the doctor will need to cut mama's tummy open to get you out….and i don't think either of us want that. mama has gone to great lengths to bring you into the world with as few interventions as possible. i chose a hospital that promotes natural childbirth and has a birthing tub. daddy and i hired a doula to help mama labor naturally as long as possible to give you the best possible entrance into this world. 

we don't want to throw that all away now for a drug induced c-section,
do we? no, i don't think so either. 

so tomorrow is a big day, my baby boy. versions are successful 60% of the time. i'm hoping we are in that 60%. so baby, please listen to your mama and cooperate with the doctor. i love you so much and just want you to arrive in my arms as safely as possible.

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