Wednesday, October 29, 2014

we've made it halfway | 20 weeks

i can't believe we are halfway to meeting baby sunshine. it's been a fairly easy pregnancy so far and i feel incredibly blessed for that. i promised myself that i wouldn't do a ton of these "bump update" posts. but i'd say i'm overdue at 20 weeks. so here it is…

weight | i'm up about 12 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight which seems like a lot but i don't feel like i've gained that much. 

size of baby | about the size of a carrot…about 10 inches tall. 

gender | so excited for this baby boy! 

movement | he's pretty active. i can feel him move a lot which i love. mostly when i'm not moving. at work when i'm sitting at my desk. in the car on my commute. before bed. 

fun fact | baby sunshine can squint, frown, smile and suck his thumb. 

sleep | i don't always sleep the greatest. it's hit or miss. and i definitely can't seem to sleep very late but we've been going to be early. also, i've been trying to sneak in short naps on the weekends.

exercise | i have been trying to get at least 30 minutes of walking in per day. on the weekend mornings, i usually get more than that but i try not to overdue it.

maternity clothes | that's pretty much all i'm wearing these days. i'm so grateful to my friends A and D who gave/loaned me their maternity clothes. it's been such a blessing. we still have so much to buy for the baby that i couldn't imagine having to purchase an entire wardrobe right as well. 

symptoms | i've been having some acid reflux and back pain lately. hubby would also say that i've been super hormonal. but overall, nothing too bad.

cravings/aversions | fruit pastries and cereal have been my go-to sweet treats lately. i was having a chicken aversion but i think i'm over it now. 

nursery | it is coming along slowly so it will be while until we will be ready to do a reveal. we are on a tight budget due to the debt we incurred for our egg donor cycle. hopefully the nursery will be farther along after my baby shower and i can share it with you.

best part of the week | reading two books each night before bed to the baby. we're trying to establish a nighttime routine already. 

what i'm looking forward to | seeing our boy in the anatomy scan ultrasound next week. praying that all his parts and pieces are present and in the right places. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

my egg donor is her surrogate

sometimes you meet people and they change your life. you don’t know at the time that they will impact your life so dramatically, but they do. later, you look back at the situation and wonder if you’d be where you are if it hadn’t been for that fateful meeting. 

one of those serendipitous encounters was meeting fellow blogger suzanne in denver earlier this year. at the time, i just thought it would be fun to meet another infertility blogger and i knew that we’d have a lot in common. she and i were both traveling across country to seek fertility treatments at CCRM and we’d both had our share of heartbreak on the path to building our families. 

what i didn’t know was that suzanne would become a dear friend that i will have for the rest of my life. and what i could have never predicted was the path that our lives would take, in part, because of a conversation that took place at that first meeting in denver. 

suzanne and her husband T spoke candidly with A and i over lunch about their experience with egg donation at CCRM. we were very curious and asked a lot of questions. it wasn’t something we’d really thought very seriously about prior to that day. but that conversation planted a seed in us. despite our previous decision to end treatments if CCRM didn’t work out…we saw hope through suzanne and T’s story. perhaps egg donation could be the path to bring us our baby too. 

before we even got word from CCRM that all of our embryos (from two cycles) were abnormal, we’d already decided to move forward with egg donation. after so much disappointment and poor response, i knew in my heart that IVF probably wasn’t going to work with my own eggs. 

what if we’d never met with suzanne and T in denver? would we have decided to use an egg donor? maybe, eventually. or maybe not. but i certainly don’t think we would have powered forward so quickly into researching the egg donation process. nor would we have selected SDFC and been ready to accept the gift of K’s eggs when the opportunity presented itself. who knows how things could have been different? but i do think that everything came together perfectly to create this life growing inside of me. and certainly K and suzanne are a huge part of that story and the happy ending that i’m currently living by carrying our child. 

so imagine my anguish when suzanne told me that her doctor was recommending a gestational carrier for her remaining frozen embryos. i couldn't fathom going through everything she’s already endured and then being told…”yah, so now you can’t carry your child either”. pure and utter heartbreak. 

i couldn’t just stand by and watch it happen without feeling like i needed to do something. i remember telling suzanne, “i’m not giving up until i find you a surrogate so you don’t have to go through an agency”. it is so expensive to rent a uterus and agencies often stand to make almost $30,000 just for matching surrogates with intended parents and helping to guide the process. 

if i could just help in some small way, by eliminating the agency cost for suzanne so that she could move forward with her dream of becoming a mother, i wanted to do that. the woman that kept coming to my mind was K. she is the angel who helped us make our dreams come true and i wondered if she could be the one to help suzanne too. 

in several emails, K mentioned that she was done donating her eggs after her donation to us. but that she really has it on her heart to be a gestational carrier and help a family in that way. after the third time that K mentioned it, i decided to tell her about suzanne and put the two of them in contact.

almost exactly 5 months later, K signed the contract to be suzanne and T’s gestational carrier. it makes my heart swell that this is finally happening for my dear friend. it will be so incredible to watch our egg donor become pregnant with suzanne’s miracle baby. when suzanne and i both have our precious little ones, they will have such a special bond - knowing that the same amazing woman played a part in bringing them into this world.

what a beautiful shared story!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

celebrating baby boy | a trumpette giveaway

before i was pregnant with baby sunshine, i would occasionally pop into a little boutique near my office called Trumpette. They carry the cutest high-end baby socks, gifts and apparel. i'd walk around the store and daydream about, some day, dressing my little one in their gear. 

and now…finally...after almost 6 years of daydreaming, my little miracle is almost here. 
in fact, i felt him kick for the first time yesterday at 18 weeks and 4 days. since then, he's been practicing his field goal attempts inside my belly on a consistent basis. people say it feels like flutters in the beginning. um…not this guy. he is full-on kicking me. not that i'm complaining. i love knowing he's active and exercising his legs in there.

it is such a blessing to have this baby boy growing inside of me after everything that we've been through to get to here. so this post is to commemorate the kicking and celebrate our baby boy. when he arrives, you better believe my future NFL kicker's little feet will be covered with cute shoe socks from Trumpette. honestly, they are much more realistic than putting hard shoes on a newborn. i mean, come on. what little man doesn't need a pair of socks that look like slick boots to get around town in?

and the girl socks…i can't even tell you how sad i am that i'll never be able to shop for a little princess. from jewel tone mary janes to colorful little cupcake socks….they are so darling! they even have boo socks for Halloween. 

as if Trumpette gear isn't cute enough on its own, the celebs and their kiddos are always rocking this brand too.

i may or may not have been looking for an excuse to put a picture
of hottie Josh Duhamel and his stylish little boy Axl on my blog. ;)
now that you know more about Trumpette, i’m beyond ecstatic to team up with them to give away a huge prize to one lucky blog follower! the winner will receive ALL three items featured below: a large boy schleppbag, a cobalt howdy, and a box of six pairs of their new Hunter's socks. prize package is valued at over $150!

don't worry if you are still trying to conceive, you can always keep these items in a hope chest for your baby-to-be or use them for gifts.

you have until Thursday, October 23, 2014 at 11:59 p.m. PST to enter in this fabulous giveaway! just click into the Rafflecopter widget below and follow the easy steps to rack up entries! good luck.  

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