Friday, September 19, 2014

fertility friday link up + community blog post

happy friday! 
we've made it. almost. 

i've been wracking my brain to figure out the best way to stay involved in this community after our little miracle has arrived. and i have an idea. every friday, i will post something for the infertility community and host a link up. the link up will allow all of us to stay connected, share information and support each other. sometimes i will be sharing some breaking news that I read about infertility, doing a book review, highlighting a fellow blogger who is in need of support, hosting a giveaway or providing some value to this community.

if you'd like to join in the fun, just write about something anything related to fertility and link your post up on this blog every week starting next friday. feel free to grab the button below and share when posting for the link up.

so to start us off…
i have to share a little something that i've been working on with my lovely friend chelsea….it's a community blog post featuring some of my favorite bloggers. have you been held captive by a lie that you have believed as truth during your infertility journey (or just throughout your life)? i certainly have. in this post, each of these amazing ladies share one of the great lies that they have defeated (or continue to battle) on this journey.

this is a great post that you can read over at chelsea's blog Starbucks, Peace, and the Pursuit of a Baby. a big thanks to chels for all of her hard work organizing this post! 
hope you go check it out and enjoy your weekend!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

no more PIO

11 weeks | san francisco | my first maternity top

we're doing good. 
thank you to those who emailed and commented on IG...i didn't mean to worry you. we feel blessed to have so many cheerleaders rooting for us. baby sunshine and i are doing really well. i'm in my 12th week and just had my last PIO injection. yay! with 2cc's of progesterone per night for 12 weeks, my rear end didn't have a single spot that was lump-free and hubby was getting sick of hearing me blubber about it. now i just worry that my body is producing the estrogen and progesterone needed to support this pregnancy on its own. my doctor says that it is and i shouldn't be concerned. so i'm trusting that everything will be just fine. 

bye bye sharps containers. i can't believe i filled all of these up.

i never intended to take a blogging hiatus and go MIA for so long. i've just been so tired. after a two hour per day commute, a 8-10 hour work day, trying to eat healthy and walk 45 minutes per day…i've been out of commission by 8:30pm (right after my PIO shot). hopefully in my second trimester, i'll be able to catch up on all my blog reading and commenting.

when i did have a rare burst of energy to write, i struggled to find the words. the right things to say. i'm so happy for this pregnancy yet i am sad for all of my friends that are still in the trenches - praying nightly for their miracle babies. truth is, i know how to be infertile. it has been my life for almost 6 years. writing about my infertility was easy because i knew it would help others feel less alone. but now, my blog has the potential to cause pain. i know how tough it can be to read glowing pregnancy posts after you've just experienced a failed cycle. so i struggle to find the balance between supporting those who are still trying to build their families and sharing this crazy, wonderful time in my life.

this time is filled with happiness, worry, excitement and fear and i want to share all of that here. but i don't want to hurt anyone.

Friday, August 15, 2014

a little heartbeat

oh what an amazing day. 
we were able to see our baby's heartbeat at 7 weeks.

unfortunately, i got caught in a little situation with no monitoring after my pregnancy test. my local clinic who's done all of my outside monitoring wouldn't see me anymore once i received a positive beta. rude, huh? my ob/gyn typically doesn't see pregnant patients for their first prenatal visit until 9 or 10 weeks. luckily, my ob knew our history and saw me early. although i think we will have to pay out of pocket for the ultrasound he did in his office. 

oh well. it was worth it. to see our baby sunshine and know that he is doing well in there. i think seeing the baby snuggled in my lining and seeing his little heart beating in the ultrasound finally made it real for A. he's been talking more about the baby, making plans and it's been so nice. 

i'm on cloud 9. 
but i still can't believe i am writing this post.
me?!? i am pregnant with a real baby with a beating heart.
i never thought i'd see that day. 

for those of you who still feel like you'll never see the day,
don't give up hope. dreams really do come true when you keep fighting.

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