Friday, August 15, 2014

a little heartbeat

oh what an amazing day. 
we were able to see our baby's heartbeat at 7 weeks.

unfortunately, i got caught in a little situation with no monitoring after my pregnancy test. my local clinic who's done all of my outside monitoring wouldn't see me anymore once i received a positive beta. rude, huh? my ob/gyn typically doesn't see pregnant patients for their first prenatal visit until 9 or 10 weeks. luckily, my ob knew our history and saw me early. although i think we will have to pay out of pocket for the ultrasound he did in his office. 

oh well. it was worth it. to see our baby sunshine and know that he is doing well in there. i think seeing the baby snuggled in my lining and seeing his little heart beating in the ultrasound finally made it real for A. he's been talking more about the baby, making plans and it's been so nice. 

i'm on cloud 9. 
but i still can't believe i am writing this post.
me?!? i am pregnant with a real baby with a beating heart.
i never thought i'd see that day. 

for those of you who still feel like you'll never see the day,
don't give up hope. dreams really do come true when you keep fighting.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

how do you prefer your progesterone?

so i almost wish that my RE would have given me a solid recommendation on progesterone supplementation. instead, he said that the suppositories and injections are both equally as effective and i could choose whichever one i prefer. 

if i chose suppositories, i'd be taking oral (prometrium) with whichever suppository i selected. so here are the options.
crinone (suppositories)
endometrin (suppositories) 
PIO - progesterone in oil (injections)

i did a lot of research before deciding. it is basically a missed bag. here are some of the things i read.

progesterone in oil 
- gold standard in IVF. most RE's recommend using it
- levels can be measured in your blood while the suppositories can't
- some people have allergies to the oils and could have a bad reaction
- a lot of pain at injection sites from big fatty needle

- seems to be the more commonly used suppository 
- complaints of bleeding from irritated cervix 

- less messy than prometrium because it absorbs better instead of leaking out
- a little bit more expensive than promethium 

after reading all of this, i decided to go with nightly crinone suppositories with a side of oral endometrin. i have to admit that i was scared of the PIO needle. i figured, why give myself injections if i don't have to? plus, my friend gave me her leftover crinone from her IVF cycle so i had the cost covered.

on the first night of suppositories, i was looking through the ginormous booklet in the box for the instructions on how to insert the crinone and came across this warning.
"Risk to the fetus. Birth defects have been reported in the offspring of women who were using Crinone during early pregnancy. These included an abdominal wall defect and a cleft palate. A causal association has been neither confirmed nor refuted. You should check with your doctor about the risks to your unborn child of any medication used during pregnancy." (under the title of "Risks of Crinone")
what the heck? um, no thank you. my nurse swears that it is safe but that little warning didn't make us feel very comfortable. there was a similar warning on the endometrin box. but no warning like this in the PIO booklet. so after two nights, i switched to PIO shots. why risk it? i'd rather endure the pain in my ass (literally) from 2cc PIO injections every night than risk birth defects.

but i know a lot of y'all used suppositories. i'd love to hear your experiences and hopefully this post will help others who are seeking information about progesterone supplementation. 

my nightly routine

Sunday, August 10, 2014

baby sunshine is a….

happy sunday!
thanks for playing along. i loved reading your baby gender predictions. it was so much fun. the votes are officially in and the vast majority of y'all think we are having a girl.

98 votes for a baby girl
56 votes for a baby boy

my favorite part about reading your comments was reading the reasons why you think we are having one sex over the other. some of you thought because i'm girly, i'd have a girl. some people were analyzing the chalk color in this post and another remembering the dream i had several months ago. but my favorite were the comments based on this onesie. i promise y'all the onesie is totally gender neutral, i wasn't giving anything away. 

now that you've humored me…here is the rest of the story.
the rock landed with the G face up. 
we picked up the rock, walked along the beach and never questioned it. the rock had spoken. we were going to tell the doctor that we'd like him to transfer the very best looking girl embryo. for the next week, we settled into the idea of having a baby girl and talked about what it was going to be like….raising a little girl.

but that's not the end of the story. 

sometimes God has bigger plans than a rock toss and He wants to make those plans known. the morning of my transfer, i got a call with the results of our genetic testing. remember A had to work that day so he wasn't with me. i was supposed to call him at work as soon as the results came in, even though we had already decided what gender to transfer.

the embryologist told me that we had 10 normal embryos. then he told me that ALL 10 of those normal embryos are male. i was in shock. i asked him if that was odd. this is what he said:
"never in my 25 years as an embryologist, have i ever seen THIS MANY embryos come back all the same gender. maybe if you have 5 embryos, i could see them all being the same sex. but THIS MANY... we've never seen it in our lab before."
well, then. okay. we hear you up there. loud and clear. we are meant to parent a sweet little boy.

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