Wednesday, November 19, 2014

thanks giveaway blog hop

today i'm partnering with crystal at fertile gems and four other TTC sisters to bring you a blog hop giveaway. crystal started creating fertility jewelry as an outlet after she was diagnosed with unexplained infertility. she created her first piece of jewelry shortly after her miscarriage and the necklace kept her going during a difficult time. her hope is to share her jewelry with more women who are struggling to get pregnant. 

the giveaway
fertile gems is giving away the fertility bracelet, rebirth in sterling silver to one lucky Dreaming of Dimples follower. i chose this piece specifically for one of my readers. to enter this giveaway, follow this blog via Blogger or Facebook (both links in side bar) and leave a comment below sharing a little bit about your story by november 27th.

Double Strand Gemstone Fertility Bracelet with Lotus Charm
handmade using amethyst, moonstone, and rose quartz
value $42.99 
my hope is that this bracelet will bring you hope and baby dust during your journey.

how does the blog hop work?
you can also visit each of the links below to see which fertile gems piece of jewelry they're giving away. one winner will be selected from EACH blog to receive a different fertile gems piece. each blog will announce its own winner on november 28th so be sure to check back on each blog to see if you’ve won.

good luck!

Monday, November 10, 2014

his parts and pieces

last week, we had our 20 week anatomy scan ultrasound. it was nice getting so much time with baby sunshine and seeing what he does in my uterus all day long.

we saw him relaxing comfortably on top of the umbilical cord.
engaging in acrobatics with his feet above his head.
putting his hand in his mouth. 
arching his back.

it was so precious. especially since A was there with me. he got to see our little boy too. 
we were all smiles afterwards. and so grateful that we decided to take a leap of faith and try donor eggs. we are thankful every day for our donor k and the technology that made this pregnancy possible. our dreams are finally coming true. 

the ultrasound tech took the images and showed the doctor on duty. she came back to tell us that everything looked fine. what a huge blessing! i saw his little feet and legs. hands. heart. i even watched him give his mama a good kick. it was wonderful. now that he's packing on the body fat, he looks like a miniature little man (even though he's small enough to fit in the palm of my hand). 

i'm not sure how it is possible that i feel both that this pregnancy is flying by and that it feels like forever until he will arrive. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

we've made it halfway | 20 weeks

i can't believe we are halfway to meeting baby sunshine. it's been a fairly easy pregnancy so far and i feel incredibly blessed for that. i promised myself that i wouldn't do a ton of these "bump update" posts. but i'd say i'm overdue at 20 weeks. so here it is…

weight | i'm up about 12 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight which seems like a lot but i don't feel like i've gained that much. 

size of baby | about the size of a carrot…about 10 inches tall. 

gender | so excited for this baby boy! 

movement | he's pretty active. i can feel him move a lot which i love. mostly when i'm not moving. at work when i'm sitting at my desk. in the car on my commute. before bed. 

fun fact | baby sunshine can squint, frown, smile and suck his thumb. 

sleep | i don't always sleep the greatest. it's hit or miss. and i definitely can't seem to sleep very late but we've been going to be early. also, i've been trying to sneak in short naps on the weekends.

exercise | i have been trying to get at least 30 minutes of walking in per day. on the weekend mornings, i usually get more than that but i try not to overdue it.

maternity clothes | that's pretty much all i'm wearing these days. i'm so grateful to my friends A and D who gave/loaned me their maternity clothes. it's been such a blessing. we still have so much to buy for the baby that i couldn't imagine having to purchase an entire wardrobe right as well. 

symptoms | i've been having some acid reflux and back pain lately. hubby would also say that i've been super hormonal. but overall, nothing too bad.

cravings/aversions | fruit pastries and cereal have been my go-to sweet treats lately. i was having a chicken aversion but i think i'm over it now. 

nursery | it is coming along slowly so it will be while until we will be ready to do a reveal. we are on a tight budget due to the debt we incurred for our egg donor cycle. hopefully the nursery will be farther along after my baby shower and i can share it with you.

best part of the week | reading two books each night before bed to the baby. we're trying to establish a nighttime routine already. 

what i'm looking forward to | seeing our boy in the anatomy scan ultrasound next week. praying that all his parts and pieces are present and in the right places. 

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